Interface and Functionality:

When we hear about hardware specs for the first time, we’re sometimes naturally inclined to get all giddy when we hear about souped up processors, but in actuality, they don’t always necessarily translate to responsive actions. Case in point with the HTC Jetstream’s 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 1GB of RAM, which seems on paper better than the 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor with 512MB of RAM on the iPad 2. However, the iPad 2 is able to exhibit the smoother response when navigating the homescreen over the choppy actions of the Jetstream. Of course, the Jetstream’s sluggishness can be attributed to Honeycomb’s graphically intensive experience – whereas the iPad 2 sticks with a less strenuous presentation.

Already, we’ve gone over in detail between the difference between the iOS and Android Honeycomb experience in other comparisons – and honestly, it all depends on how you feel. Specifically, Sense for tablet on the Jetstream packs a considerable amount of personalization thanks to its useful widgets, slick looking 3D visuals, and transition effects. Conversely, the iOS experience on the iPad 2 is the easier one to grasp with its low learning curve. Simplistic in presentation, iOS might look downright dated by now, but its peppier operation and relative ease enables anyone to get situated with it right away. So yeah, depending on your tastes, you’ll find either tablet more than ideal to your particular needs.

Thanks to Sense for tablets, the core organizer apps on the Jetstream get a good amount of love in the form of optimizations that are better adapted to the tablet medium. Obviously, the iPad 2 is able to provide a sensual experience as well, but we feel that the Jetstream seems to offer more depth with its offerings. In fact, it’s evident in things like the calendar – where it’s able to display 2 months as opposed to a single one when in month view. Moreover, we see more of the love in other things like the Clock app, which integrates things like alarms, weather information, the temperature, world clocks, and more. With the iPad 2, it doesn’t offer any of those out of the box, but rather, you’ll need to download third party ones to gain those specific functions.

When it comes to inputting text, both offer well-sized keyboard layouts to make it wickedly easy to type long passages of text. Between the two though, we have to hand it to the Sense keyboard namely because we have access to other characters besides letters directly from the main layout. Besides that, there isn’t much that separates the two since they’re extremely responsive to the touch.

Lastly, we find the email experience to be roughly the same on both tablets since they intricately use two-panel layouts that provide visibility to both our inbox and selected email. Additionally, setup is a breeze with most generic accounts since it requires mainly our email address and password to properly set up.

Internet and Connectivity:

Using a Wi-Fi only connection with our comparison, the web browsing experience on both tablets are more than ideal to our taste, however, they both offer their own strengths. With the iPad 2, it’s clearly the more responsive one with its fluid and smooth navigations control – whereas the Jetstream has a choppier execution with things like kinetic scrolling and pinch zooming. Despite those shortcomings, the one advantage that the Jetstream has is its support for Flash, which of course provides that idyllic desktop-like experience. Nonetheless, both are still more than equipped in dealing a tolerable experience.

By far, the biggest feature that the HTC Jetstream has to offer over other devices on AT&T’s lineup is that it has the prestigious title of being the carrier’s very first 4G LTE enabled tablet – albeit, it’s not widely available just yet. Still, it’s able to ride the waves using AT&T’s HSPA+ network “with enhanced backhaul” in the meantime – while the iPad 2 relies on good old 3G speeds. Granted that we’re unable to compare data speeds, we’re pretty confident that the Jetstream’s faster data connection will enthrall individuals. Aside from their cellular connections, they feature the exactly the same connectivity options – like aGPS, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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