HTC Incredible S Review

The HTC Incredible S is looking to be yet another respectable high-end device from HTC’s camp, but will it shine radiantly amongst the new breed of next-generation Android devices out there?...
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1. fanatic110 unregistered thanks a lot for this review. I was really confused if i should buy this phone or not but u guys just made it crystal clear. This phone launched in India just a few days back & i am gonna buy it. Thnx once again :)

2. Heene unregistered

"Not quite a modern “high-end” smartphone" = not really an argument This is absolutely not objective and only the opinion of the writer ;)

3. hm unregistered

Just because "high-end" may not be as clearly defined doesn't mean that its categorization is necessarily subjective. It all depends on where you decide to draw the line and where you think most people (e.g. your readers) will reasonably draw the line. With handsets out having 4G connectivity, dual core processors, and higher resolution displays, and this handset having none of them, you cannot put this handset in the upper echelon of devices in terms of specifications. It may be a great device, but "high end" doesn't really apply here unless you mean "high end half a year ago."

7. Heene unregistered

Despite the fact that most of the so called "high-end" phones are not available yet, I would say this phone is up to date and what is most important - available in stores.

9. Ricardo unregistered

The iPhone has neither 4G nor dual core processor, only the display makes it high end? Or is it not in the upper echelon? Don't get me wrong I liked your review but just pointing out that things aren't that crystal clear. PS: Yours is the only review that the camera didnt perform well, any chance it was not a final product?

13. andrew hahn unregistered

samsung facinate is better

5. darko unregistered

WTF, Phonearena?? You did a HTC Thunderbold a few days before this and it got 9 of of 10 grade..while not even being a gsm device! And there you praised it's "fast processor" despite being a same single core unit as this one - snapdragon with scorpion and adreno 205. This is while being a gsm device, BASICALLY THE SAME phone as Thunderbolt - and it got 7.5/10 !! I's also regarded as "super fast"..yet this is somehow a disadvantage to you guys this time! (just because it doesn't have a dual core structure written in the specs i suppose) Bottom line - you are not earning any credibility with this kind of reviewing..which is a shame because i like this site.

6. hm unregistered

And the (huge) elephant in the corner you are conveniently ignoring is that the Thunderbolt has 4G ... You are not earning any credibility with this kind of commenting...


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Thunderbolt is the first 4G LTE Verizon phone, it is the first phone to ship with a 32GB microSD card and it has 8GB of internal storage=40GBs of space. Thunderbolt has a 4.3 inch display where this only has 4. If it had a slide out keyboard, it probably would have been justified but size does matter when it comes to touch only. Thunderbolt's construction and looks are better than the incredible s. The list pretty much goes on and on.

10. jmp5150

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 14, 2009

Could someone tell me what is the difference between the Incredible S and Desire HD other than display?

11. Galen20K

Posts: 575; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

not much really in fact the myTouch 4G also has the same basic specs as the Incredible S and Desire HD. They all offer the same performance.

14. nyrB unregistered

battery life is apparantly significantly better with the incredible s

12. andrew hahn unregistered

i think i'm gona get the samsung facinate over this phone

15. vvvvvvvvv unregistered

ownin this beauty from past 8 days, and man o man , what a feel it has.....Awesome performance , really fast processin speed, and display is quite brilliant compared to samsung galaxy s .... incredible is incredible ..... who cares abt dual core , performance is what to matter with.

16. boomz unregistered

Wew! In my opinion, choosing a phone wud be based on what its use for u. . If ur fun of intrnet surfing, watchng videos,taking videos n pics using ur fon or even playing games. .Choose a fon with high resolution, memory and processor. .It really matters.but if ur going to use a fon jst for a simple call or txt why spend so much. . Hrs another sample. .If u jst need a fon to call and txt but want others to see u like somebody. .Well its another story men u need to buy a phone not with its spects. . Its the price that matters. . I mean choose a fon that wud fit ur needs. . . . . .thrs a lot of fons out thr. . .

17. vsbhansali unregistered

What,s about better life of Incredible S. Pl. guide me I am planning to buy

18. tareenz unregistered

wht about battery life is this phone battery back up same as desire s

19. chaud unregistered

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc or HTC Incredible S?

20. jackofspades

Posts: 4; Member since: Dec 23, 2011

i think this cell phone is away underrated in deserves a big a 8.5!
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