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HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS: side by side

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HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS: side by side
Call quality and battery:

Despite being two of the most technologically advanced cell phones on the market today, ironically, both the HD2 and iPhone 3GS fail miserably when it comes to in-call quality. Simply put, the voice of your caller, no matter the handset, sounds mediocre at best. The same applies to what this person hears on the other end of the line. Thank goodness that both cell phones come with many other functions to make up for their, erm, to put it mildly, unsatisfying overall performance in this respect.

Judging by the technical specifications, the Apple iPhone 3GS should be able to deliver 12 hours of continuous talk time and remain operational for 300 hours in standby. On the other hand, the HTC HD2 provides the less impressive 6.33 hours of continuous talk, but its battery keeps it alive longer in standby – 490 hours. Both need to be recharged at the end of the second day, that is, if you don´t make them break too much sweat on daily basis. In case you want to make the most of your device and your appetite for it is ravenous, you will have to recharge its battery on a daily basis... which is acceptable, given the functionality they deliver alongside of the competition.  


Finally, we need to point out that we are fascinated by the overall performance of the HTC HD2, because it takes the overly complex and sluggish Windows Mobile platform to another, much higher level. With the HD2, HTC has rolled out an exceptionally user-friendly handset that offers WM fans easy and enjoyable interface control that rivals what Apple came up with more than two years ago with the iPhone. The HD2 is better than Apple´s popular device in some respects, while the iPhone is superior to the former in other things. Still, you can´t really go wrong no matter your choice, because both the HTC HD2 and iPhone 3GS deliver awesome functionality in almost every respect.

HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone 3GS: Side by Side Video:


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