HTC Freestyle Review

For those of you who may like the look of a smartphone, and want something cool like a touchscreen, but don’t really need a smartphone, there’s a new option…the HTC Freestyle from AT&T. The Freestyle is the carrier’s first device to use Qualcomm’s new BREW MP platform...
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25. Isiaah unregistered

It's a great phone I would suggest it to Angie who is a texted or caller data is not a good point on this phone.although it doesn't actually have the full htc software and the battery life is mildly short I love it

26. Kaylyntaylor unregistered

DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it last Sunday. It shut off by itself because of "system errors" 47 and the matter of 3 days. I got the "rainbow screen of death" 5 times. I took it back on Friday cause the guy said it was just a bad phone so he gave me a new HTC Freestyle hoping it wouldn't do it. Oh it has. I took it back today and the guy working this time said he would have never let me buy it because since it's new they haven't fixed all the bugs and doesn't recommend it to anyone. Do not get his phone. KEEP LOOKING!!!!

27. Ihatethisphone unregistered

okayy i absutely hate this phne (htc freestyle) it has been a horable phne i've had four htc freestyles and i just got my 4th one today(haven tried it ut yet) but the first one i had frooze up so we hadda take it back the 2nd one i had fell in the toliet and the 3rd one just restarts and turns of by itself? so im hoping that the 4th one will workk! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THE HTC FREESTYLE TO ANYONE!!!!!!

28. cace unregistered

Got this phone yesterday. Piece of crap. It froze twice and I had to take the battery out to restart it. I don't receive some messages and the ones I do receive I get sometimes up to 6 copies of the same message. I put it on the charger all night and it was only half charged by morning. Going back to my old phone today. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

29. Ernie G unregistered

The HTC Freestyle is a terrible phone and AT&T's data plan for it is at best misleading and at worst misleading. My wife and I were in the AT&T store looking for new phones. I noticed the ad that said "Unlimited text, data and e-mail for $10 a month". I thought that was a pretty good deal. So we got the phones and the $10 data plan. As I tried out the phone's features that night, I found that just about every neat feature would add $6 a month to our bill. So to take advantage of the data plan, it would cost about $600 a year to pay for the basic apps that used the data. That's like the landlord advertising free heat, but you have to pay $600 a year to use the radiators. The only app that seemed like it might be worth paying for was the app that let the phone react to voice commands. I signed up for the free trial. My wife wanted to run an errand, so I got dressed and we went to the car. I went back to the voice app and the phone told me my free trial had expired. A five minute free trial???? I tried to register my email on the phone, but the app to do so was always "Unavailable at this time." And the phone's operating system crashed every 15 minutes or so wiwth the message "Sorry, system error, restarting." During one of the those system errors the phone fried my SD card. We took the phones back the next day and I explained our concerns. The salesman told me that because I pay for my e-mail through an e-mail provider, AT&T would also charge me to access my e-mail. So the phone is a piece of junk, the data plan borders on being a scam and, oh, by the way, there's a $35 restocking fee to return the defective phone. A little humor at the end of the tale, the AT&T clerk logged our return as "Buyer Remorse". Ya think? Probably time to switch to Verizon.

30. csharpe2907 unregistered

This phone is horrible i have two of these for both my daughters. Since day one the phones always say no sim. we have had the sim replaced every four days. UUGG. The other times it will just shut off and you have to take the battery out of the phone and turn it back on at lease twice a day it states systme error...we have had these phones for two months and they will not warrenty them stateing the sim port is damaged. How do we damage sim ports that are under the battery cover.... well i will be cancelling the contact one these phones and running them over....

31. lee unregistered

This phone is not that great. As others have said, when someone sends me a text, the text comes to my phone two to four times, sometimes up to ten minutes later. Sometimes pictures don't come through until the next day. It gets very slow sometimes when typing texts, and it freezes often. It also has a lot of crap-ware that you can not get rid of. When trying to enter numbers when on a call, (like press 1 for English), it starts dialing another number and puts your current call on hold. Very annoying.

32. Linus unregistered

It's weird looking at all of these reviews, because my phone is the exact opposite. When my phone is on full battery, (and yes, I'm talking about the HTC Freestyle), it lasts me two full days. 48 hours. Even if I do text and make phone calls. When getting this phone, I highly reccomend getting an Micro SD card, as this phone has little memory. I did have one from my previous phone, but when I bought this phone and put the SD card in, it totally screwed up the phone and they had to give me a new one. BTW FYI 411, I got mine at Wal*Mart. I havn't had any problems with this phone, and I think it is fantastic.

33. Linus unregistered

The only problem I really had which I forgot to mention is that it says the is no Sim card very often, but even if it does say that it works fine.

34. lam93

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 09, 2011

Terrible phone!!!!!! Hugh lag time, text messages send in duplicates and take hours to receive, keyboard gets stuck, screen freezes on a regular basis. Bought this through ATT as an upgrade. Now I am stuck with a HORRIBLE phone until 2013. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE! YOU WILL BE SOOOO DISAPPOINTED. THEY SHOULD OFFER A RECALL ON THIS PIECE OF JUNK.

35. Claire unregistered

This is the worst phone I've ever had... I've had to send mine back 3 times already and am about to do mail it back once again. This phone lags, constantly freezes, has system errors, and you will receive your text messages at least 3-5 times. Do NOT buy this phone.

36. BrendaC

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

I wish these comments would have been here last April when I bought my phone! Everyone has the same complaints as I do... multiple texts, frozen screen, really sluggish touch screen makes texting a pain in the butt. I so regret buying this phone. I resent that I have to be stuck with an inferior product because of ATT's policies.

37. Zeenn

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

Please read this before buying a htc phone. I get a htc freestyle cell phone at $99 with a 2 years contract with ATT. This is the worst phone i have ever had. Ii will never buy another htc phone just because i had so many problems with it! Never ever get this phone. I keep the phone in good condition so I know it's not my fault most of the problems I've been experiencing have occurred. It shut down all the time and could not restart it so pulled out battery and stuck back in. It tends to freeze all the time. If I start texting too fast it will freeze up and say "oops, an error has occurred" then restart itself. Once it got so hot after re-charging it, I couldn't hold it in my hand. This phone sends about 4 duplicate texts per texts, this is not good for anyone who is on a limited texting plan. I called ATT a thousand of times explaining the situation but they just told they give me a new model if I make a new contract. This is actually the second phone I have. I had to return the first one within the second month. What shocks me is that this phone has all these problems and still is rated highly in reviews across the web. Anything that randomly shuts down, freezes, and has the other problems mentioned sounds like junk to me. I hate this phone and really wish I would've done more research before purchasing it. Save yourself the time and trouble everyone, DO NOT GET A HTC PHONE.

41. hghyo

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 21, 2011

i have the htc freestyle it is literally the crappiest phone i have owned it constantly has system errors shuts off for no reasons i receive text messages hours after they are sent and my internet does not work on mine even though we're paying for the thing what ever you do do not buy this phone.

43. flapchunkflap

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

I have the same problems

42. flapchunkflap

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

THIS PHONE IS A PIECE OF s**t! Almost every time I unlock it and try to do something the screen will glitch Just from sliding my finger up or down the screen will glitch. By glitch I mean that the screen will move and the touch will be all messed up Half the time when I try to slide the unlock it wont even do anything The phone shuts itself off A LOT. If I dont do anything to it for more than 5 min. It shuts off and I have to reset the battery. When taking pictures if you even move the slightest it will come out all blurry. My phone will say its on low battery so I'll go plug it in and right as its plugged in it says full battery. (it lies) The call quality is terrible Its very slow at times I've only had this phone for 3 months and I'm so sick of it! When I receive a text I'll look at it but the phone will say I still have a message when I dont. Im going to get a replacement. Nobody should have a phone this terrible Don't even get this, its definitely not worth your money.

44. ascott

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 10, 2011

This phone is horrible. Receives multiple texts of the same messages- 2 to 3 times. Groups and Favorites feature in contacts does not work correctly. Phone does not receive a signal in large buildings such as schools and malls. Worthless, and AT&T's response to these issues was just as worthless. Have had it reset, and have had 2 new SIM cards.

45. crf0001

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 08, 2012

This phone is a piece of crap. I am currently on my forth phone in 5 months and it has already stopped working correctly after 6 days. This phone freezes up, shuts off, and reboots constantly. This phone calls people at random and most of the time you have to pull the battery out to get it turn on again. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

46. edlee

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

The HTC Freestyle is the worst phone. I got mine from AT&T and so far, this is my fifth phone. I am shocked that AT&T would recommend me this phone. I was given a re-conditioned phone when my first phone got lost. It keep having "OOPS. System error has occurred. Restarting....." When this occurs, I cannot get calls, make calls or text. That happened to the second phone, and the third and the fourth re-conditioned phone. I called AT&T and they kept on saying "I am sorry" but nothing is done. I took to the AT&T Service Center and they tell me that it is a software issue with HTC. Now I just got my new HTC Freestyle phone from AT&T Executive Response Office (it was very hard to find the Executive Office) and by the end of the night, same system error. I have not even done anything yet when the system error occurred again. Very frustrated customer of AT&T.

50. bunnyholmes

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 25, 2012

this phone is the biggest piece of junk ever manufactured. my son has had two of them they both crash repeatedly and ATT won't do anything to assist us. I'm trapped in a two year contract with the phone. DOn't ever get's the WORST!!!!!!!

51. buckwheat_0120

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 31, 2012

sorry to say but the freestyle could be the worst phone i have ever had. i had my first one for 2 weeks before it started freezing up, sometime i would not get my text messages and somtime if i get the text i wouold get 3 to 10 copies of the same text through out the day. it drops calls like a man with now hands tryin to play catch. the battery has to be charged once a day and i only use the ohone for texting and calls, and i dnt evan do that much. i have returned the phone and had it reset 4 times. and still the same problem every day. try a different phone for your own sake...

52. raybes27

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 01, 2012

How do you check the voicemail??? I have had this phone since Christmas and it doesnt say that you have a voicemail all it says is you have text messages, I just read the instructions again and all it show you is a tape icon at top of phone that means you have voice mail but how do you check it, coul. Id someone let me know please!!! It also pocket dials alot, It an OK phone

53. zyoma

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 12, 2012

if you REALLY want a phone that keeps dying you should definitely get HTC Freestyle! i don't know if it's me having bad luck with HTC or they are so far an immature phone company trying to make it on the market...I had "Tilt" previously & had problems with it & now "Freestyle", when i came in to AT&T store the first time i had a problem a rep just straight up asked me: "why don't you get a smart phone?" well, i don't need a smart phone! i almost never use internet or other features of it. Few basic features is all i need. Anyways, i exchanged 4 "Freestyle" phones at ATT customer service with the last two dying completely(the first two would only shut down on me & reboot a few MINUTES later). Last one died when ATT rep ordered an LG for me(since people don't bring it to them as often!) the worst thing i was expecting important calls & here i am waiting for my new phone to come in the mail with a dead one in my hands!!! frustrating! please stay away from this phone & preferably from HTC...

54. lyrac

Posts: 1; Member since: May 04, 2012

the worst phone I've ever had. It restarts every so often like when I text and now it progressed to restarting when I am on the phone. It's ridiculoius. I even traveled all the way to the warranty place from the AT&T store to get it fixed. They only restarted and I even lost some contact information thru their system. It would be fine if it only restarts for a few seconds but NO it restarts for at least 5 minutes. I have had it now for ALMOST one year and now it won't even turn on. The screen is frozen at its stuck at its opening screen. I was so enraged by how frustrating this phone is while it shines at me that I decided to write this review so here it is. I am too busy to call my phone service every time it has a problem and I am now phone-less because in order to get it fixed you have to call from a different phone line, which I dont have! so if you want a phone that lasts MORE than a year, its not this one.

55. carlajean65

Posts: 1; Member since: May 10, 2012

After being guided to this phone by an AT&T customer service rep on the phone my husband and I each ordered this phone. Yes. TWO of them. I have never been so furious about a purchase in my life. Total waste of money, effort, and time. Won't hold a charge, horribly difficult for an intelligent person to operate. We've had our phones a little over 24 hours and I hope I cool down before I have to walk into our local store in the morning because I am sickened that AT&T would sell such a piece of garbage! We are long..LONG time AT&T customers and my husband has bought many phones through them. THIS is utterly sickening! Yes, I'm that angry over the misrepresentation of a phone. Thank you, I will step back down to my two year old phone that may not be as snazzy as what my counterparts carry and do so happily. At least my old phone doesn't turn of every 45 seconds. Seriously AT&T? SERIOUSLY?

56. jacobman1

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 07, 2012

I have this phone right now if your like fast Internet and fast texting this phone is not for you it's texting is so fricken lagy I hate it it's not worth it. I could you's a phone with no keypad and text faster now that's sad

57. username12489745

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 12, 2012

Its an OK phone. I have had it for about 6 9 months and its keeping up pretty well. Considering Im just a high school student that doesn't feel like paying for a smart phone this one's not too bad. Like others had said, it repeats almost all incoming texts. The camera quality is awful and it doesn't hold a lot of phone memory (Can't hold a lot of pictures, music, texts, ect.) The calender is kind of tricky to use, and mine stopped working after the first month (wont save added events and wont delete older events). However as non-smart phones that look like smart phones go, it is an ok buy. I got it for 50$ with a regular plan and it's definitely worth it. HTC's are sturdily built with good features.
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