What's really cool about the 5MP camera on the HTC Desire V is that it has the same versatile, easy-to-use interface that is present on any HTC One handset. What's far less exciting, however, is that although the camera is mostly free of shutter lag, it takes well over a second before it is ready to capture the next frame. But most importantly, the photos look quite uninspiring – slightly blueish at times, with poor dynamics range, lack of fine detail, and traces of digital noise here and there. These imperfections are noticeable both when shooting outdoors, under broad daylight, and with the incandescent lighting of an indoor setting. Videos are captured at a maximum resolution of 800 by 480 pixels and look mediocre.

HTC Desire V Sample Video:

HTC Desire V Indoor Sample Video:


The music player included with HTC Sense 4.0 has all the features you might need, including a few extras like SoundHound integration and access to the 7digital online music store. Of course, a home screen widget comes standard, and you get playback controls on the lock screen.

With the stock video player you can watch videos in MP4 or DivX formats, but only of resolution up to 800 by 480 pixels. None of our 720p video samples could be played back, so don't even bother trying. The smartphone's 4-inch display is big enough for watching videos comfortably.

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