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HTC Desire Review

HTC Desire

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HTC Desire Review
We tested the in-call quality of the HTC Desire in various conditions - in the still calm of the office, busy street, noisy pub etc. We didn't encounter any issues, were able to understand our callers perfectly and they didn't have any complaints either, although they said they could hear environmental noise. Voices of people are loud and realistic in close to perfect conditions and frankly, in this case the in-call quality is nearly the best we have experienced.

HTC claims the Desire provides up to 6.5 hours of continuous talk time and remains operational for up to 15 days in stand-by on 3G networks. In real life, if you use it for surfing the Internet, listening to music and moderate number of calls, you will have to charge it once a day or day and a half.


Let's get back to what we said at the beginning. We started the review with:

„The important thing is the HTC Desire, the most powerful Android cell phone of the manufacturer to date has finally arrived and we got our hands on it.”

We went on to say:

„The HTC Desire also belongs to the same category of the best-made Android handsets to date, although it's not as spectacular as the Legend.”

...in terms of interface...

„The HTC Desire runs the famous Sense interface and this is the major software difference to the Nexus One.”

...and its operational speed...

„Speaking of operational speed and specifications, we just have to admit the HTC Desire is lighting fast. It's like a cheetah. This is to be expected, of course, given its snappy 1GHz processor and 576MB RAM.”

We said something in the style of "Steve Jobs at the presentation of the iPad" about the phone book, messaging and browser functionality (we are joking, of course):

„The application "People" is one of the seven great wonders of modern smartphone software.”

„Typing away is a dream come true when using the screen keyboards of the HTC Desire.”

„The HTC Desire is an awesome device for surfing the Internet.”

We mentioned the camera and multimedia capabilities are decent, but there is much to be desired.

„As a whole, the camera of the HTC Desire is acceptable for daily use and allows for instantaneous sharing of images over social networks.”

„Unfortunately, the device does not support DivX and Xvid, so you will have to make do with you MPEG-4 (H.264 and H.263) files. Generally speaking, movies are downright a marvel to behold in full HD, so we hope the rumor speaks true and the update that adds DivX support is on its way.”

We believe you already know what we are driving at – the HTC Desire is one of the best Android-based handsets today, but it's not perfect (not that there is such a device really). That's why we believe you should know more about your alternative options:

-    The Google Nexus OneGoogle's cell phone that features almost identical specifications, but slightly different design. Some people might consider the lack of Sense a definite advantage (we are not of them).
-    The HTC Legend – superior to the Desire when it comes to overall design and build quality, but equipped with less capable hardware. We can recommend it to people on the lookout for a compact Android handset with proper quality.
-    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 – Although it comes with several limitations that are downright absurd (say the lack of multitouch support), the X10 is equipped with 8-megapixel camera and display that measure 0.3 inches more. Timescape is a more innovative way of working with social networks than HTC's FrienStream.
-    The HTC Droid Incredible – features 8-megapixel camera, different design and works on Verizon's network.

We expect to see two more cell phones throw the gauntlet to the HTC Desire to win over people who have a soft spot for high-end Android-based cell phones – the HTC EVO 4G (WiMAX for Sprint) and the Samsung Galaxy S. This is, however, what all handsets are destined to – to fight fiercely against newer devices that offer more extra features and are sometimes released just a few months down the line.

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Is the HTC Desire worth its price? Yes, definitely. We would have to become rather petty in order to come up with a list of shortcomings. If you like handsets with compact size and feel willing to sacrifice extra features for it, you better consider the HTC Legend – talking from experience here. Eager fans of high-tech devices surely know by now that the HTC Desire is what they want.


  • Great operational speed (virtually all applications)
  • Huge screen that equates to very comfortable Internet experience
  • Partial Flash support
  • Excellent in-call and audio playback quality


  • No DivX and Xvid support
  • Screen that is barely usable in direct sunlight
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HTC Desire

HTC Desire

OS: Android 2.2 2.1
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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.7 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (252 ppi) AMOLED
Camera5 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 1000 MHz, Scorpion processor
0.6 GB RAM
Size4.69 x 2.36 x 0.47 inches
(119 x 60 x 11.9 mm)
4.76 oz  (135 g)
Battery1400 mAh, 6.66 hours talk time

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