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HTC DROID DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S III

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Call Quality:

HTC DROID DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S III
Having long conversations are easily accomplished with these two, seeing that voices are robust and audible on both ends of the line. Still, there are some minor issues that are noticed with their speakerphones – like the subtle distortion with the DROID DNA and the sharp irritating tones with voices on the Galaxy S III.


Taking into account that LTE connectivity is in tow with these beauties, it’s not all that shocking to find their appetites to be vociferous with battery life. Yes, you’ll be able to get through an 8-hour work shift, but you’re more than likely required to charge them a little after to keep their capacities at a good level. Conversely, if you’re in a non-LTE area and relying on good old last-generation data connections, you can inch out a day with the two.


Depending on how much you’re willing to fork over, both handsets prove their value against one another. Considering it’s the newer kid on the block, the HTC DROID DNA’s $200 on-contract point is justified, which is especially notable for its killer specs sheet. Therefore, if money isn’t an issue, we’d recommend picking up HTC’s beast knowing it’s one smartphone that has some astounding qualities. Although it’s no longer the shiniest thing around, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a very well-rounded option that continues to be a relevant item. At the same time, you can probably snag the handset for much less than HTC’s offering, which should no doubt appeal to some people looking to save money without making any dramatic compromises with performance and features.

HTC DROID DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S III:


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