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HTC Arrive Review

0. phoneArena posted on 22 Mar 2011, 16:42

Windows Phone 7 launched last fall, but without CDMA support a vast majority of users in the US have yet to be exposed to the complete overhaul of Windows Mobile. This drought has come to the end with the launch of the HTC Arrive for Sprint. Though this is the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 (WP7), it is middle of the pack in terms of features...

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posted on 22 Mar 2011, 17:56 1

1. derp (unregistered)

Im sure the OS is far better than Android, but really it just looks like a slightly reworked KIN OS. Too ugly for me.

posted on 22 Mar 2011, 22:28

2. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

They were not impressed with the Email, integration, lack of ability to customize it, thought the camera was only fair, didn't like the Zune, and people said it was one of the worst devices they tested on calls for some time. It got an "8". Hey, I am a HTC fan myself, and am starting to warm up to WP7, but if this phone is an "8" after that review, what would it take for Phone Arena to pan a HTC smart phone? For it to implode upon touch?

posted on 31 Mar 2011, 22:49 1

3. eatlotacheese (unregistered)

I have had this device for a week now and I can say I love it. The phone's feel is sturdy and a little heavy. The layout is smooth the only problem is with the touch buttons sometimes getting tapped during games. The keyboard is very responsive and easy to type on. The screen is gorgeous, movies and pictures are crisp and clear. Its touch response is precise. Windows phone 7 OS is still new and lacking in some features but this update goes beyond copy an paste. The app switching and loading is smoother and less buggy. I have read a review saying the copy and paste was hard, its not. The phone's drawbacks are in the software's lack of landscape mode. It draws back from the phone's keyboard. My other issue is the flimsy feel of the slide mechanism. It feels like it could break if it got caught. Other than these an WP7 lack of some features its a great phone.

posted on 06 Apr 2011, 13:34

4. rayjones09 (Posts: 149; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)

Arrive vs Evo Shift!!

posted on 04 May 2011, 15:07 2

5. eric12341 (Posts: 6; Member since: 04 May 2011)

shows how inexperienced some of these tech bloggers are. I had no problems whatsoever getting all my music on to the arrive.

posted on 17 Nov 2011, 19:09

7. trumpet116 (Posts: 27; Member since: 17 Nov 2011)

And he showed off the copy-paste incorrectly at first...at least he fixed his mistake when he went to messaging...

posted on 01 Sep 2011, 23:35

6. KidZoom (unregistered)

It is the best mobile device I have ever seen.

My first venture in mobile communications was a mobile phone bolted in my trunk that you could fry bacon on (unless CB radio counts as mobile communication). Win7 is a step in the right direction and with live.com, outlook connector, or Windows Office 365, the user will find an email/ calendar/ business contact system.

The fast transition between screens and apps is amazing. Apps do not start randomly or devour battery life. No need for app killer or midday charging. Apps are limited to the realm of useful even though there are a bunch of games (no interest to me). This is a positive, I want a device to increase productivity, not waste time.

The interface is customizable enough, think Windows OS since 3.5, you could change the entire appearance, but most PC's I see are very similar in configuration. Why create "stuff" people will not use?

Has limited version apps of MS office. Handy for tweaking work product when you are caught in down time without your laptop. Yes you can access all the files you care to store on live.com or your Office 365 exchange through OneNote or Lync. Your entire office is literally at your fingertips.

Internet, search, and navigation functions are clean and easy to use. Links, phone numbers, and address are recognized by the device and can be accessed immediately. For example, you can tap search button, Bing search for desired location, the device brings up local info on the subject, with options to view the Web or news related to subject. Tap the address and navigation will get you there.

Much, much more!

HTC and Win 7, this is a 9.9 just because there is no such ting as a 10.

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