Internet and Connectivity:

The HTC 7 Trophy is a quad-band GSM, dual-band 3G phone loaded with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on board. Connections include a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microUSB port and there’s 8GB of memory on board. The only things we might have liked to see are DLNA functionality and a mini HDMI port.

Completely in line with the latest and greatest achievements in the area, the new Internet Explorer delivers fast loading times and silky smooth scrolling. The same goes for zooming, which you can do by either double-tapping or using pinch-to-zoom. Both options work flawlessly. In addition, the HTC 7 Trophy’s 3.8 inch screen offers a great trade off between pocketability and web browsability.

Internet Explorer lacks Flash and Silverlight support, which is on one hand unpleasant, but on the other, it guarantees flawless operation, so we can live without it. Android has the advantage here, but we shouldn't forget the fact that scrolling when a Flash element is present is far from smooth in Google's OS.

The email client works great. As soon as you've entered your account details, your emails start to populate. Everything works super smooth. Unfortunately, you do not get a universal inbox like in bada or iOS, so your different inboxes are displayed as separate tiles. However, this isn't much of an inconvenience as flitting between mailboxes is so quick on the HTC 7 Trophy. Another point is that emails are displayed in full HTML glory and look fantastic.


Bing Maps gets you from A to B on a Windows Phone 7 device. Panning the map around is very smooth, as is pinch zooming. The available options are pretty standard – you can search for a specific location, go to your position, and get directions. Unfortunately, there is no support for voice-guided navigation yet.

Searching for POIs on the HTC 7 Trophy is very intuitive, and once you open a POI in order to see more details, you are presented with the exact address, an option to get directions and a phone number. You can also pin a certain POI to the home screen, as well as share it via text or email.

The GPS managed to get our location fixed very quickly after a cold start and kept locked on through an entire 20 minute journey with no issues.

We were a bit underwhelmed by the Office Hub of the HTC 7 Trophy. While the panoramic user interface is great, we found Word Mobile's options to be quite limited. You can also create, view and edit Excel files (with a range of available functions to choose from), as well as view and edit PowerPoint presentations. However, editing here comes down to just editing text. You can also take notes using the included OneNote software, or collaborate through SharePoint.

For functionality that happens to be beyond Windows Phone 7's out-of-the-box capabilities, you'll have to rely on the new Marketplace Hub, which is limited at the moment, but growing steadily.

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