Camera and Mutlimedia:

The HTC 7 Pro has a 5MP camera, which is becoming the minimum for smartphones these days, complete with an LED flash. The camera interface is pretty basic compared to the way HTC is able to customize it on its Android handsets, but it has still managed to sneak in a few metering modes and preset scenes like Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Beach, Backlight, Candlelight, as well as a Macro mode. Four effects are at your disposal to make things interesting – Grayscale, Negative, Sepia and Solarize.

The shot-to-shot times are very low – a second or two – and having a two-stage camera button is always preferred to the virtual ones. The photos themselves turned out decent for the murky day they were taken in, but, as usual, the HTC camera is nothing to write home about. There are unfocused spots here and there, and a slight purple hue, especially when a lot of sky is framed, however the 5MP snapper captures enough detail. The contrast is bumped up by default to make the pics more appealing, but so many camera and phone makers are doing that, we never consider it a downside.

Indoor shots were a bit noisy and rather unfocused, you have to keep the phone extremely steady to get a decent shot. The LED flash turned out pretty weak too, and was casting unnatural shadows over the objects.

The video is set at VGA resolution by default when you open the camera app, so make sure you change it to HD 720p before you videotape anything. The resulting high-resolution clips are filmed with 25fps, and exhibit enough detail, quick exposure adjustment when panning around, as well as contrasty picture. Noise is also kept in check, so the HD video captured with the HTC 7 Pro does the job.

HTC 7 Pro Sample Video:

As for the music and video media players, they are, naturally, rolled into the Zune interface on Windows Phone 7, which has cool and simple interface, but the phone itself doesn't support DivX/Xvid video playback out of the box, only MPEG-4 codecs.

The loudspeaker is pretty weak, so for enjoying music you will need to plug your headset, which gives you surround sound, and a bunch of equalizer presets unique for the HTC WP7 phones. Conference calls would also be a challenge with such an unimpressive speaker, which is a bit strange for a business oriented device that is pretty fat to boot - HTC could have placed something with more oomph in it.

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