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HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review

HP IPAQ 500 6.5

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Home screen - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Main menu - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review

Home screen

Main menu


Despite its non-standard resolution, the unit relies on the traditional Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system. Therefore it has a lot in common with other models that make use of it – HTC Vox for example.

As a default, the home screen shows system information, shortcuts for recently used applications and active stand-by screen that shows other information, for instance, Upcoming events. It can be personalized by themes to look completely different and several Windows variants are a nice example that can be changed from the menu: Settings – Home Screen – Home Screen Layout. The possibilities for personalization are almost endless.

The main menu is shown as a grid of 3x3 icons with shortcuts to numerical keypad. A scoll on the right indicates you can move down and up, to see more options in the menu. Sub-menus are visualised as vertical lists.

Searching - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Searching - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review



Searching and dialing a number from the phonebook has never been easier. You can start inputting the number or the name you want from the homescreen (no matter if it is first or last name), but if you press the key for the corresponding character just once, it is as if the system for predictive text input is turned on. For instance, if you want to dial “Neo”, you have to dial 636 (6-MNO, 3-DEF, 6-MNO) and almost immediately the phone will show you all matching names. With “down” button select the contact you wish and dial it with the green receiver. The “earpiece volume” should be at minimum or step 1-2, because otherwise the sounds at key-press are extremely loud.

Looking through the phonebook is possible by means of list of names. You can search here too, but only by name (not by number) and the phone will not display which symbol you have input, so if you misspell one you will not be able to see what to clear (with back/clear button)and to edit it.

A long list with many fields is available when you add a new contact. You can find here many phone numbers, addresses and e-mails, etc. But here (like Pocket PC System) you cannot add two phone numbers of the same type – for instance, two mobile phone numbers. You can also attach a personal photo and a music file to each contact, but the displayed photo is so small when you receive a call or when you make a call that it is pointless, though there is plenty of space on the screen for a big photo.

Adding new contact - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Call history - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review

Adding new contact


Call history

By pressing the green receiver from the home screen you can see the call history of the phone. You can easily add a number from here as a new contact or as a new number for already saved contact.

Day - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Week - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Month - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review





In the phone menu you will find the electronic calendar where you can save your appointments. They have options for subject, starting/ending time/all day event, location, notes. You can use options like: reminder (PRIOR NOTICE 1/5/10/15/30 minutes, 1 hour/day/week), recurrence (Once, Every (same-day-of-the-week), Day (same-date) of every month, Every (same date-date-and-month) for every year, sensitivity (normal, personal, private, confidential). You can also add attendees (required or optional) from your contacts where e-mail addresses have been added and where meeting requests will be sent.

HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Examining the calendar can be done by day/week/month and you can choose starting day for the week and the week duration (5-6-7-day week). The appointments for the day are clearly shown in their time limits, so you can see your free time at a glance. This is one of the new things of WM6 compared to WM5.

Tasks - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Tasks - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review


You have Tasks menu, where to-do items can be added. For a given Task you can set subject, priority (normal, low, high), start/due date, reminder (to be notified if it’s due), category (business, holiday, personal, seasonal) and note. The Task can have recurrence (Once, Every (same-day-of-the-week), Day (same-date) of every month, Every (same date-date-and-month) for every year and sensitivity (normal, personal, private, confidential). Examining the tasks in a list you can easily see which of them are finished and which are not. The tasks options can be: sort by (status, priority, subject, start date, due date) or filter (all, recent, no categories, active, completed).

Calculator - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
File explorer - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review


File explorer

Voice recorder - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
Voice control - HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review
HP iPAQ 510/514 Voice Messenger Review

Voice recorder

Voice control


In the Accessories menu is located the calculator, still lacking a scientific option. Here are also a few HP applications, and also three managers: Resource, Space and Task that help for managing the system resources of the phone.

File Explorer is the mobile version of Windows Explorer and it helps you to explore the content of the phone memory and the card memory, reaching even to the system folders and files. And you are not limited to use only the phone types of files, but you can see all files. There is no option for selecting several files together (hence you cannot work with them at the same time).

Voice recorder is can capture voice notes. There is no limitation of the time duration, which depends only on the available free memory.

Voice commands are switched by holding the right-side button. Loading of the interface takes 2 – 3 seconds, sometimes more. From here, one can make a call to a telephone book contact or dial a number through voice number input. Voice commands for composing SMS/email/audio email are also possible. The commands are speaker independent.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

Finally i found just the right phone that can replace my existing Krome M900i. Though a qvga display and slightly higher signal reception performance would be desirable.

posted on 26 Jul 2007, 03:02

2. MrJo (unregistered)

The screen is the disappointment, but you have to weight in the extraordinary capabilities of the phone, packed into a wearable form factor (belt clips are not fashion anymore). I have to disagree with all the comments about applications. Coupled with your average SiRF III BT received, that device runs TomTom Mobile in a superb way, and does not require ugly PDA holders that suck on the windshield. It's also great for hiking, and most applications will simply work fine. GoogleMaps is awesome, with this ability to search for businesses (e.g. get me a pizza place nearby), and even hiking software such as chtiGPS is usable and will get you back home. The battery lifetime is great for voice and data communication. Combined with Exchange 2007, the push email and direct access to the enterprise global address list works a treat! If you are into WiFi, reconsider your judgement after you have tried the SIP client, *built-in* the phone. VoIP is now possible from a device that does not require a purse to carry it around. All in all, and for a first attempt at producing a Smartphone, HP has delivered a business-oriented device, not appealing to teens, but with extreme power and feature rich. You get the WM6 freebies and even can use the device for playing your music. With 2GB microSD cards, it can deliver you with your choice of podcast or sync'ed music with Vista's WM player.

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OS: Windows Mobile Standard 6.0
view full specs
Display2.0 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (141 ppi) TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
TI OMAP850, Single core, 200 MHz
0.06 GB RAM
Size4.21 x 1.91 x 0.64 inches
(107 x 48.6 x 16.3 mm)
3.60 oz  (102 g)
Battery1100 mAh, 6.5 hours talk time

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