Camera & Multimedia:

Employing 5-megapixel auto-focus cameras, we find the one with the myTouch 4G excelling over Nexus S. That's because photos exhibit more natural looking color tones with good white balance and sharper fine details in just about every lighting condition. Taking it indoors in low lighting environments, we again witness the same results as it proves to be the more useful handset – plus its flash illuminates shots far better; especially from a distance from 7 feet away. Sure the results with the Nexus S are respectable, but there is no arguing that the myTouch 4G stands higher in this category.

When you're at the upper echelon of the pricing spectrum, there are some must have features that are expected nowadays. And that's exactly what we find with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G with its ability to shoot in 720p – something that's blatantly missing with the Nexus S. In reality, we're only presented with DVD-like (720 x 480) video capture with the Nexus S as it shoots at the rate of 29 frames per second in good lighting. Granted that it's a higher mark than the 28fps rate of the myTouch 4G, we constantly find it too sensitive in adversely changing the white balance. In the end, we still prefer the higher-resolution output of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G – even though it might not be as good as other 720p enabled handsets out there on the market.

Google Nexus S Sample Video:

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Sample Video:

Sporting an unchanged stock Android music player, there's nothing too appealing about the music playing experience with the Google Nexus S. Nonetheless, it's still more than functional at its core, but the myTouch 4G subtly improves the presentation with its cover-flow like interface when playing songs. However, we're appalled by the screechy and painfully crackly tones emitted by the speaker on the myTouch 4G. In this case, the strong and deep tones of the Nexus S are more than appreciated – especially for the ears.

Watching high-definition videos is no problem with either Android smartphones as 720p videos play fluidly and without any jerkiness. But without question, the Super AMOLED display of the Google Nexus S easily provides the wow factor to get your eyes affixed to its radiant output. Naturally, its larger real estate and iridescent color output will be more fascinating.

Sizing up with 16GB of free storage with both handsets, it's actually in the form of a microSD card with the myTouch 4G – which is the preferred medium over the internal storage of the Nexus S. Additionally, the microSD card slot just offers the convenience of instantly sharing content with other devices.


Out of the box, the Google Nexus S comes with a variety of Google branded apps that aren't found too often pre-installed – like Google Voice, Google Latitude, and Google Earth. Now even though those specific mentioned apps aren't preloaded with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, you can quickly pay a visit to the Android Market to get them onto the device. However, one app that we find quite useful is the Wi-Fi calling app with the myTouch 4G which enables you to receive and place voice phones calls via Wi-Fi. So if you're lacking sufficient network connection or don't have it at all, you can get this app running to keep you always connected.



1. Galen20K

Posts: 577; Member since: Dec 26, 2008


2. MyToucher unregistered

I don't know what they are talking about with the blackness of the screens. I have the MT4G and the black seems really dark to me. And the screen doesn't look faded unless it is about to sleep from non-use, and go in battery save mode. I have not had any connection problems and the internet is super fast with the new high speed processor. I got the MT4G with thinking about sending it back...preconcieved I wasn't going to be happy...but the longer I have it the more I like it. Now I have had it for two weeks and I think I have found the perfect phone for me. After reading this review, it just makes me like it even more. Way to go TMO! You scored on this one....

3. Guest unregistered

Ummm, since when did "the things that matter most in a phone", NOT include voice call quality????? Funny review, I don't think you can call the MT4G a clear winner if you are someone who actually uses your phone to make phone calls.... The "S" cleans the MT4G's clock in that arena. Oh, and just to keep the record straight, the "S" has Internet calling build in natively to the OS, that is why most people don't realize it can do it. Look in call settings for Internet Calls....

4. Whichtochoose unregistered

I want to buy one of these phones off Craig'slist but i dont know which to pick. The MT4G is cheaper, has more ram, sd card slot, and better camera. The Nexus has an amazing screen, better call quality, i think it looks better, bigger screen, curved display, and capacitive button (which i like). Which one should I choose?

5. ChrisF unregistered

The MT4g they use in this review has a bad screen. The first MT4g I bought had the same issue. You can see it in the clock numbers when they have the phones tilted back. See the white line in the middle of the numbers? That's a bad screen. I took mine back and was able to get one with a nice crisp screen. If you are buying one from Craig's list you might want to ask about the screen and get a picture if you can.

7. kshell1

Posts: 1143; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

dumbass its an htc sense clock&weather widget it is a classic its supposed to do that

6. RobertG unregistered

that's knot a bad screen dodo it's made to look like a flip numbered clock.

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