Interface and Functionality:

Being the cream of the crop on T-Mobile's lineup, these two blistering devices boast 1GHz processors within their bodies. In fact, it's a Cortex A8 Hummingbird chip-set with the Nexus S while a Qualcomm Snapdragom MSM8255 within the myTouch 4G. From launching applications to kinetic scrolling, everything is accompanied with a near instant response that undoubtedly caps off the experience to match their status. Even more, their graceful and elegant performance resonates deeply even when graphically intensive applications, such as live wallpapers, are enabled.

Of all the customized Android experiences out there, HTC has done a stellar job with the myTouch 4G in immersing users with their latest version of the Sense UI running on top of Android 2.2 Froyo. One of the many reasons we enjoy it is because of the numerous specific widgets that are available which essentially provide useful information, such as weather information, directly from the homescreen. Conversely, the Google Nexus S provides the latest iteration of the platform in the stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread experience. Sure it might look plain for some people, but with Android's immense personalization, there are a myriad of widgets, wallpapers, shortcuts, and folders to make both devices unique. At their core, they provide for the essentials you'd expect, but naturally, Sense just beautifies the overall appearance of Android.

With the Sense UI of the myTouch 4G, it manages to slightly improve the social networking experience with its “Friends Stream” widget that aggregates a variety of content directly on the homescreen – and without the need of launching a dedicated app. Nevertheless, you can essentially experience the same thing by downloading apps like Facebook and Twitter on the Nexus S – which offers widgets that accomplish the same tasks. However, “Friends Stream” goes further by allowing you to post a Facebook message and a Twitter post at the same time; as opposed to separately. Moreover, you can even upload a photo directly from the widget to both services simultaneously.

Primarily to its choice of keyboard offerings, the messaging experience out of the box with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G is preferred. Reason being is because it offers the awesome layout of the Sense keyboard and the swift gesture based movement of the Swype keyboard. Now even though the new stock Android keyboard found on the Google Nexus S is an improvement, it still lacks the depth of usability and speedy nature of the ones offered by the myTouch 4G. And granted that the Nexus S has more screen real-estate, it doesn't particularly equate to a more spacious layout. All in all, we'd side with the myTouch 4G any day thanks to its useful options.

Since we've got two Android powered devices, they offer the same email and Gmail experience that any casual user of the platform would expect.

Internet and Connectivity:

Web browsing fanatics will be extremely satisfied with both handsets seeing that they properly render complex web sites, offer smooth kinetic scrolling, have multi-touch gesture support for zooming, and most importantly – support for Flash Player 10.1! Obviously, there isn't much that these two devices can't do in this category, but the one ace under the sleeves of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G is its support for HSPA+ connectivity. With that, pages will load up faster so you don't miss a beat in what you're trying to look at – but it even shows off its prowess when it comes to uploading content. Without question, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G's offering with HSPA+ connectivity tremendously makes it the more captivating device.

World travelers won't need to worry with either phone since they are GSM based and will work in just about any place you travel around the world. But in those instances when you find yourself out of the grid and lacking any networking connectivity, you can opt to switch using their built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi to get you speedy data speeds. In addition, you've got Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR on both smartphones that will get various wireless devices to connect to them.



1. Galen20K

Posts: 577; Member since: Dec 26, 2008


2. MyToucher unregistered

I don't know what they are talking about with the blackness of the screens. I have the MT4G and the black seems really dark to me. And the screen doesn't look faded unless it is about to sleep from non-use, and go in battery save mode. I have not had any connection problems and the internet is super fast with the new high speed processor. I got the MT4G with thinking about sending it back...preconcieved I wasn't going to be happy...but the longer I have it the more I like it. Now I have had it for two weeks and I think I have found the perfect phone for me. After reading this review, it just makes me like it even more. Way to go TMO! You scored on this one....

3. Guest unregistered

Ummm, since when did "the things that matter most in a phone", NOT include voice call quality????? Funny review, I don't think you can call the MT4G a clear winner if you are someone who actually uses your phone to make phone calls.... The "S" cleans the MT4G's clock in that arena. Oh, and just to keep the record straight, the "S" has Internet calling build in natively to the OS, that is why most people don't realize it can do it. Look in call settings for Internet Calls....

4. Whichtochoose unregistered

I want to buy one of these phones off Craig'slist but i dont know which to pick. The MT4G is cheaper, has more ram, sd card slot, and better camera. The Nexus has an amazing screen, better call quality, i think it looks better, bigger screen, curved display, and capacitive button (which i like). Which one should I choose?

5. ChrisF unregistered

The MT4g they use in this review has a bad screen. The first MT4g I bought had the same issue. You can see it in the clock numbers when they have the phones tilted back. See the white line in the middle of the numbers? That's a bad screen. I took mine back and was able to get one with a nice crisp screen. If you are buying one from Craig's list you might want to ask about the screen and get a picture if you can.

7. kshell1

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dumbass its an htc sense clock&weather widget it is a classic its supposed to do that

6. RobertG unregistered

that's knot a bad screen dodo it's made to look like a flip numbered clock.

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