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Google Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4

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Google Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4
If you want a clear calling experience, then you'll want to pick up the Nexus S as it offers better calling quality because of its natural sounding voices on both ends of the line. Regrettably, there is some noticeable amount of static noise that can be heard through the earpiece of the iPhone 4 which tends to muddy down conversations. When switching to the speakerphone, the Nexus S delivers a stronger output while the iPhone 4 displays some evidence of distortion at the loudest volume.

In our experience, these two high-end devices set the bar in terms of battery life for smartphones as they easily rise above the crowd in this category. With normal usage, we managed to get out 1 ½ days before they required charging. We accomplished this by managing our applications and manually setting the brightness to slightly below the middle setting. Obviously, light users can expect a bit more juice while heavy users will more than likely get close to a solid day of usage. Still, it's amazing that they're able to provide ample battery life over other smartphones on the market – especially when they're all touch devices.


If there's one thing you can sleep easily about at night, it has to be that both smartphones will continue to receive the latest and newest updates. Being the kind of developer phone it's made out to be, the Google Nexus S provides users the complete control of the entire platform – which is great if you're into hacking your device. Furthermore, Android 2.3 Gingerbread closes the gap in the speed performance of the platform versus iOS 4 on the iPhone 4. It also manages to radiate a sense of customization with its interface which provides a personalized experience over its competitor.

But it appears as though that the Apple iPhone 4 showcases its prowess in the multimedia department as it excels in taking photos and videos. And while it doesn't have the level of customization that Android offers, iOS easily provides the user with a much better app support to diversify and enhance the experience. When you consider its $200 on-contract pricing, there's no arguing that the premium feel of the iPhone 4 stands taller. All in all, its well rounded performance and continuous set of polished features would more than likely appeal to a broader audience than the Google Nexus S.

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