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Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad 3

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Jul 2012, 06:45

Since its inception, the iPad has long remained at the top of the tablet universe without seeing much threat from the competition. Of course, we can name quite a few devices that were poised to challenge its supremacy, but there has yet to be a legitimate contender that can slow its sales. Through it all, the iPad continues to stand head above water over its rivals. Well people, it looks like that might all change with the Google Nexus 7, as it seemingly employs all the correct ingredients for a major shakeup...

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posted on 25 Jul 2012, 07:41 4

15. script_writer (banned) (Posts: 56; Member since: 27 Jun 2012)

im afraid i have agree with wendygarett (top of the comments) that the devices differ in such way that its hard to compare them fairly. WHEN google launch the nexus 7 10inch edition then it will be a more fair comparason. either that or when apple launch the ipad mini.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 07:47 2

17. ajac09 (Posts: 1482; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

for hte price the nexus 7 kills the ipad.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 08:44 9

22. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

wow.. you really skipped over Google Now, which is a HUUUUUUGE ADVANTAGE over iOS. You made it sound like it was next to nothing.

Also, would you pay 300 more for the ipad to watch movies on.. and have them only be SLIGHTLY bigger (After all the aspect ratio cropping) and SLIGHTLY nicer on screen? I hope you have a lot of cash to burn.

Here, true story about Google Now from ACTUAL use, not a 5 minute play around for a comparison.

"My wife has been taking her tablet to work (and everywhere) with her. Without telling the tablet where work or home is actually located or when she comes/goes, it figured it out (im assuming by consistent locations at time of day and usage patterns... way cool). The other morning it woke her up (its beside her phone on the stand) and told her there was an accident on her way to work, that its a 40 minute delay, and gave her a re-routing.... all automatically. It Google Now saved her from being late without programming anything into it. That is awesome." And its 100% true.

Dont forget to mention that the N7 has voice commands unlike the ipad3 (yet), and GNow is waaaaaay more accurate and functional than Siri.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 08:50 8

24. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Thank you for that. Google Now is clearly something the $500.00 iPad 3 just CAN'T do. Also if I am correct the iPad 3 still doesn't even have the very outdated or shall we say incomplete Siri. Right?


posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:29 2

28. jaoowolabi (Posts: 201; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

To be honest, I think people can live without a voice assistant on a tablet, I mean I do.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:42 6

30. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Good for you. That is great. I use Google Voice search & Google Now all the time on my rooted Asus Transformer Prime running Jelly Bean.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:43 4

31. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Google Now is much much more than a simple voice search app like Siri, hence the entire point of the REAL LIFE EXAMPLE I just gave of its automatic usage.

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 03:02

44. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

Siri is a voice search app? Another dishonest post by you.

Google now is the voice search app with no true ai like Siri.

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 06:33 3

47. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Siri is no AI. AI means Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the ability to problem solve complex things, the ability to get smarter & grow through time.

Siri is just a collection of recorded questions & answers. Any "NEW" questions Siri encounters it will tell you it can answer that until it’s updated by Apple to answer that new question.

Siri doesn't learn, every new update to Siri is just more questions & answers that is added to its data base. Siri doesn't get smarter nor does it have the ability to solve problems. If Siri was AI then it wouldn't need the internet to answer questions. It would just answer it based on it's knowledge. Just like you & I.

Siri is a voice search app that knows some cute non essential BS. It by no means is AI. lol

At least Google Now can adapt to an individual the more & more you use it. It’s not AI, but it’s something way closer to AI than Siri. Google Now actually gets smarter based on usage. Siri is subpar compared to Google's Voice search app or Google Now.

posted on 23 Aug 2012, 12:51

77. devinm787 (Posts: 5; Member since: 23 Aug 2012)

the more u use siri the more it recognizes ur voice.
also u have to remember apple is great at updating their softwares, siri is still a beta. but both voice assistants do get the job done & both will greatly improve, just have to wait to see which does better for its native device in the future.

posted on 06 Aug 2012, 19:42 1

66. TortillaSlap (Posts: 43; Member since: 05 Aug 2012)

what type of fool thinks siri is an AI??? lolol.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 08:56 4

25. ChafedBanana (Posts: 394; Member since: 20 Sep 2011)

It's true. Google Now is very impressive and works extremely well. The speech recognition is waaaaay better than anything else too. I love the cards and the woman's voice is actually pleasant compared to Siri. Jelly Bean 4.1 is the best O.S. ever. I'm running Vicious Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus and it is now so good that after having owned and tried the Galaxy SIII for a week, I put the sim card back in the Nexus.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:09 2

26. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

That was my experience too. Yes the Samsung Galaxy S III might have better benchmarks & more power than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but because of Jelly Bean the GNex is smoother, faster & more polished than the S III when side by side. You can literally SEE it.

I swear the GNex with Jelly Bean is like a totally different phone. There are no words to describe it other than it's pure joy of functionality. Also Google now is the next best thing since sliced bread. lol

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:46 1

32. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

yup, you aint kidding. The difference between Honeycomb and 4.1 on a tablet is night and day as well. And I was irritated with honeycomb BEFORE playing with the nexus 7.. now its even worse.

I really wasnt expecting anything major with the 4.1 announcement. They hit the ball so far out of the park with delivering beyond expectations its not funny.

Just wait till the SGS3 gets JB. All that goodness + all the power + way better camera software/hardware.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:09 1

27. aahmed215 (Posts: 168; Member since: 18 Jun 2012)

It's almost like comparing apples to oranges. The Nexus 7 is a low budget device, while the iPad is a premium product. It all depends on what type of consumer you are and neither product can be called better than the other.

Despite the much lower expectations of a $200 device, it's specs and operating system is a threat to the iPad.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:48 4

33. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

the nexus 7 is a semi-premium device disguised as a budget device for mass adoption.
Quad core, super slick usage, and a decently high def screen are not "budget".

the difference
Apple charges you a "premium" and gives you less per dollar.

google charges you a minimum and gives you TONS more than the ipad per dollar.
Had the review gone in depth with 4.1's actual features and usage of Google Now, no one would be fooled into thinking that the ipad is the "premium" tablet other than name brand recognition.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 09:35 3

29. jaoowolabi (Posts: 201; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

the generation nexus 7 isnt good enough but i believe the next one will!

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 12:15

34. halfpint (Posts: 8; Member since: 23 Jan 2012)

What was the movie He was watching?

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 13:29

36. thebest (Posts: 231; Member since: 08 Jul 2012)

i think the ipad mini will be the best if its priced at $299 for 16gb version because of the elegance and the quality of app store apps and games............the ipad is too big for me....talking about the n7, im not happy with the apps,games quality of my nexus 7, the ui response and display(unusual colors especially while reading books) is not that great either.....if the starting price of the ipad mini is more than $299, then i will be very happy with my nexus 7

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 15:22

38. cliffordm81 (Posts: 3; Member since: 25 Jul 2012)

Seriously though as these are different devices in totally different ways, screen size, operating systems, etc. Phonearena should focus more on the detailed pros and cons of the two devices such as responsiveness, touch screen input, ram difference, gps capabilities, etc. I noticed that it says the ipad doesnt have aGPS except in the 4G flavor and that is not true if I read the reviews correctly from before. Anyway they both are nice but as far as functionality and fluidity ios is still amazing.. Now when the transformer infinity prime tf700 comes out then we can compare a bit better.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 17:48

41. umbrarchist (Posts: 2; Member since: 23 Jul 2012)

I can slide the Nexus into the front pocket of the pants I am wearing right now. I still fit my hand in. I would rather have a cargo pocket with a velcro sealed flap but I don't care if the iPad!3 has a better screen. The Nexus would get more use in more places and I thing the picture is great. I would spend more money for an SD Card slot not a better screen.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 21:52 2

42. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

I hate it when they say Android is complex. There is a difference between having a high level of customization and being complex. My gf isn't tech savvy and she doesn't have any issues using her Android phone. In my opinion iOS is oversimplified. All you have is grid of apps. Seriously Apple let your users decide how their homescreen is organized.

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 12:51

51. robocopvn (Posts: 448; Member since: 10 Mar 2010)

Agree. There're nothing but grid of apps =DDD. That's bad. But that's good for children and girls and old man.

posted on 25 Jul 2012, 22:14 1

43. andyboi_ph (Posts: 101; Member since: 26 Mar 2012)

this is an okay review in prep for the launching of the ipad mini however it is best to compare ipad mini with the google nexus 7. This is the real battle of specs, size and price points of a 7 inch tablet.

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 03:07 3

45. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

Agreed I'm pumped to see that comparison. (Hint: Nexus 7 will win)

posted on 27 Jul 2012, 00:43 1

54. andyboi_ph (Posts: 101; Member since: 26 Mar 2012)

if ipadmini (8G) will raise the bar over $199, nexus wins. btw, as we converse, nexus 7 (16G) on google play - all sold out considering its on pre-order mode.

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 09:48 1

49. maryaaadil (Posts: 146; Member since: 07 Apr 2012)


posted on 26 Jul 2012, 09:46

48. maryaaadil (Posts: 146; Member since: 07 Apr 2012)

Every ifan is crazy
For 500$ you can buy a ipad or for the same price you could buy a 200$ Nexus 7 or maybe a gnex by adding some money or Nexus 7 with Nexus Q
N btw Nexus 7 serves the purpose of a tablet and has manage to get all of us to compare it with the "The New iPad" and if Apple wants competition it should fight with someone with same size( Win8 x86 tabs).

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 10:33 1

50. amiaq (Posts: 509; Member since: 30 Jun 2012)

I have all the 'iOS' look and purpose in my Android "apps drawer" and my "app drawer" is BLAZING FAST!!! no lag what so ever, go figure...

posted on 26 Jul 2012, 21:12

52. Jillxz (Posts: 149; Member since: 04 Jun 2012)

They really cannot be compared. Nexus 7 has only a 7in display and the iPhone has a 10.1 No comparison here.

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