Amazingly, there’s a ton of juice provided by the 4,325 mAh battery it’s packing inside of its body. Fully charging it, we’re able to blow pass the one day mark with heavy usage with the tablet, which is an exceptional feat of its own. For those who aren’t as demanding, you’ll be able to easily achieve at least two days with light usage. Factoring its IPS display, power-efficient quad-core processor, and Jelly Bean performance optimizations, they’re undoubtedly aiding its battery life.

During our testing, we didn’t experience any fluctuations with its Wi-Fi connectivity, as it’s able to sustain a connection to a hotspot located approximately 30 feet away in another room. Even better, it didn’t drop the connection at any point either!


It takes the correct set of ingredients to be a best-seller, but it requires winning the hearts and minds of consumers all around in order to be remembered long after it’s gone. Honestly people, the tablet industry is seeing a revival thanks partly to the arrival of the Google Nexus 7. Simply put it, the tablet sets the bar in what it means to be a tablet in this day and age. Obviously, we’ve seen a handful of competitively priced budget tablets, like the Amazon Kindle Fire and NOOK TABLET. However, with those offerings, you don’t receive the full potential of Android’s capabilities – and instead, they were simply vessels for their respective content services.

We can list all the wonderful reasons why to pick up the Nexus 7 over other comparable tablets, like knowing it’ll more than likely receive updates faster since it’s a Nexus branded device, but beyond that, it’s compelling in the fact that it’ll instantly capture the attention of consumers thanks to its killer $200 price point. Needless to say, this is a strategic move in closing the gap between Android’s market share against its main rival in the iPad. When you think about it, you’re still getting an all-encompassing tablet experience with the Nexus 7 – while being able to relish on all the dynamite new features found with Jelly Bean. And seriously people, who doesn’t want to experience the latest and greatest in terms of software?

Google has obviously learned from its past hardships, like being the sole seller of the Nexus One, but with this, they’re embarking in an entirely new quest. Of course, the tablet highlights the possibilities that can be achieved with even a budget tablet – such as having killer spec’d hardware to complement the updated Jelly Bean experience. Although it’s not hyped about as much as other things, the long term goal sought out with the Nexus 7 is to get consumers familiar with its various content services. Already, it’s having a profound presence here, as it’s blatantly presented to us right from the homescreen.

In the end, if you’re in the market for any tablet, there’s no reason why the Google Nexus 7 shouldn’t be on or near the top of your list. Sure, it’s not a particularly cutting-edge device in the hardware front, but there’s nothing else close at the moment that can match its sheer offerings at its phenomenal price point. This could potentially be the best-selling Nexus branded device thus far!

Software version of the review unit:
Android Version: 4.1.1
Build Number: JRO03D
Kernel Version: 3.1.10-g52027f9

Google Nexus 7 Video Review:


  • Extremely affordable $200 price
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Great battery life
  • Uniform responsive performance


  • No storage expansion
  • Lacks a rear camera
  • Not available in 4G/3G flavor

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