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Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5

Call Quality:

Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5
Generally speaking, there are very few issues with call quality with these beauties, especially when voices are robust, distinctive, and clear on both ends of the line. However, their speakerphones aren’t perfect, as voices have a distorted sound on the iPhone 5 – while the Nexus 4 emits some crackling at the loudest volume setting.


Testing out their battery life, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ connection with the Nexus 4 and Sprint’s EV-DO 3G on the iPhone 5, we don’t find one to be particularly better than the other. In fact, we’re able to push out a solid day of normal usage with their fully charged batteries. However, you can expect dramatically higher battery drain when using the iPhone 5 via LTE.


All things considered, we’ll hand it to the Nexus 4 for setting the bar for outright pricing. At $300 without a contract for the base 8GB version of the Nexus 4, it very well seems more attractive than the $650 tally of the base 16GB iPhone 5. Yet, when it comes to contract pricing, they’re nearly the same at the usual golden price of $200 with a 2-year agreement. Simply folks, there are many things that we like about both smartphones, as they’re filled with plenty of attractive features – so whichever you decide to go with, you can sleep knowing you’re getting some value in them.

For the Nexus 4, its biggest selling point is the supreme Android 4.2 Jelly Bean experience it’s offering. Not only does it manhandle the iPhone 5 when it comes to personalization and visual allure with its interface, but it has some deep features that adhere to the stiff needs of today’s power users. From its useful widgets in the lock screen to the inviting presence of Google Now, the all-encompassing experience is what makes the Nexus 4 so darn lovable.

Flipping it over to the iPhone 5, we have to say it’s still the more attractive looking between the two – design, that is. In addition to that, it’s the handset to side with if you’re all about photo and video quality. Sure, its iOS 6 experience isn’t as comprehensive as Jelly Bean, but nevertheless, some will undoubtedly appreciate its simplified approach.

Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5:


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