GSmart t600 is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, which are located on the back of the phone. It is disappointing that after snapping a picture, you have to wait for about 11 seconds until the camera is ready to go for another one.

The interface offers a big variety of options. Besides indicators, there are some shortcuts on the screen as well but they are very small and not convenient to use with fingers.

We didn’t expect much from the pictures made with t600, but after viewing them in full screen their quality didn’t correspond to the minimal expectations we had regarding this element. Detail is almost fully missing, the colors are far from real, and there is a lot of noise.

The camcorder shoots videos in a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and in a few different formats (3GPP, MPEG4 and WMV). The clips are basically only useful for MMS.


GSmart is equipped with the standard mobile version of Windows Media Player 10. The manufacturer has added his own green theme with the company logo. MP3 format is supported, as well as WMA and WAV. After updating the library with files, all supported types are found, and they can be added to playlists. This function is not well implemented and organizing them is quite hard. Songs can be viewed by artist, album and genre, as these are taken from the ID3 tag of the files.

If you want to watch videos with a relatively good quality we recommend the MP4 and MPEG4 formats, with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and a bitrate no more than 512 kbps. This way, the image is not going to be choppy and it will correspond to the sound. Unfortunately, videos in the H264 codec, which offers a much better quality, are not supported.

Music reproduction is not one of GSmart t600’s key features. Its loudspeaker has a mediocre performance and there are crackling noises when the volume is turned up to the max. Luckily, with earphones the situation improves, but even at maximum level the music was not loud enough. That’s why we recommend mostly using them as a handsfree.

Digital MobileTV and Radio:

With GSmart t600, you can watch digital TV absolutely free, thanks to the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) support. This standard has not been fitted especially for mobile devices (as DVB-H) and is the official one used for digital TV broadcasting in Europe. This is a huge advantage, because you have all air channels as if you have a normal TV set. In London alone for example, you will be able to watch/listen to a total of about 50 TV and radio stations.

There’s also a TV player which allows you to tune in to digital radio stations as well. You can choose between preset countries, which will save you time on scanning the air for the available channels (done automatically but still takes a long time). The player’s interface appears on the entire screen and is easy to use. The 5-way D-pad and the soft buttons are used for controls.

To have a good signal you’ll have to be outdoors or on a higher floor in a building. The antenna goes in the stylus bed but extends much more. The first few times you’ll have to adjust it in position so it’s firmly in place. At first, this could be annoying but you’ll actually get used to it pretty quickly and it won’t be a problem. When watching TV, the picture has a good quality and runs smoothly without being choppy. If you are in a moving vehicle, you’ll only have trouble with the signal if you are going faster than 65 mph.

So far, everything sounds good but the battery only lasted an hour. This is quite disappointing and you’ll be able to watch TV only to check out the news but not a full-length movie for example.


The phone has 64 MB RAM and 256 ROM of internal memory. Unfortunately, there’s no easily accessible full task manager. The Easy-Touch option has limited capabilities and if you want to stop only a certain application, you’ll have to use the standard WM6 manager, which we relate to rummaging through the menus and don’t think is very convenient.

Every WM6 Professional phone comes with programs that are modified, “pocket” versions known PC applications. Such programs are the mobile versions of (Microsoft) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Explorer, Media Player, etc. The Office applications allow you to view and edit documents of the most-used types and the phone opens them without any error. Even a complicated Excel document with a few sheets is not a problem.

In the Tools menu we have a few interesting applications – GSmart BT Application, Spb Backup, Zip Tool and Torch. The first one lets you send multiple files to other Bluetooth devices. This however, is only possible if the receiver has the same program installed. The interface is well-done, pleasant and easy to use.

Spb Backup helps you make a spare copy of your data from the phonebook, organizer, email, the folder My documents and the operating files. You can do all that in just a few clicks.

Zip Tool is an application that lets you compress files. For your convenience it has also been integrated in the File Explorer.

The Torch function is actually a flashlight. Once you activated, the flash light will stay on and can be used as one.

The Answering machine acts as a voice mail and can record messages directly to the phone.

The Phone recorder enables you to record conversations.

There are numerous programs created for this platform, almost as much as the ones intended for PCs with Windows operating system. The most popular are the various utilities for personalizing the PPC, multimedia players, file explorers, Instant Messengers, etc. You can download third party applications to be used instead of the preloaded ones.

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