Gennum nXZEN PLUS 5500 Bluetooth Headset Review

Gennum has redesigned their headset product line in recent months. Previous Zen models including the 280, 350 and 470 editions all presented a similar unappealing design with a large ear loop and an adjustable arm for the speaker. With the revitalized nXZEN PLUS design it is evident that Gennum is attempting to provide extreme customization for their users. Its weight has shifted from 22 grams (Z470) to 17 grams with this model. Equipped with 2 removable ear loops and 3 speaker tips all of different sizes, this device can fit comfortably in almost any ear. Providing wide ear tips has also made it possible to use the headset without the ear hooks when using it in a relatively stable environment (i.e. sitting at your desk or in the car.) Finding an ear piece to suit you should be an easy task. The earpieces sit very comfortably inside the ear canal and allow you options to decide for yourself how deep seated you would like the device in your ear.

The only qualm about this devices design comes from the ear loop design. Although they provide 2 different sizes, once snapped in place the ear hook does not provide easy maneuverability to apply to your ear, especially when changing from one ear to the other. A very stiff hinge design that when forced can cause the actual ear loop to tear.

The one thing not included with this device which is common in many less expensive Bluetooth packages these days is a carrying device or holster. It is just a minor setback, but for on the go use it is always convenient to have a lanyard for easy access.



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1. Fred unregistered

This headset does not have enough volume to work in a noisy environment. While it works for the person you've called, it does not work for you, the caller. I don't recommend if you are calling from a noisy environment.

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