Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless Review


Even though it’s not a standout feature, the Geneva Model S Wireless’ FM radio functionality is an appreciated addition – albeit, not something that would elevate the speaker’s arsenal. Since many apps offer tune-in radio streaming, we wouldn’t be as inclined to use the FM radio feature of the speaker often.

In order to pair the speaker to our smartphone, an HTC One M8 in this case, we use the included remote control to switch the mode to Bluetooth – where it’s automatically placed into pairing mode each and every time. Once connected, we’re able to establish and maintain a connection for up to 35 feet away. Now, it’s worth mentioning that this is a stationary, in-home speaker, as opposed to the rechargeable Bluetooth ones some of us have been spoiled with.

Thanks to the remote control, we have independent controls for volume, bass, and treble – so we’re able to fine tune the output to our liking. Cranking each setting to the max, we’re astounded by the speaker’s crisp audio quality. Heck, there’s not a hint of strain or distortion at the loudest setting, which is impressive in itself. On top of that, the independent bass and treble controls permit its quality to produce a neutral output that’s pleasing to the ears. Not only does it have a commanding presence, but highs and mids never become overpowered by the accompanying bass it spits out.


Okay, the $300 cost of the Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless is undoubtedly wallet busting, but considering that it’s competing in the same space as other high-end speaker systems from big named players, like Bose, we’re not all too shocked by this revelation. Visually, it oozes from head-to-toe with a modern design that’s meticulous with its construction. In fact, it boasts all of the premium qualities that catapult this speaker to one of the best looking ones we’ve come across. From its piano-lacquered exteriors, to its hard-lined boxy shape, there’s no arguing that a lot of thought, love, and dedication has been put into this speaker.

Beyond the charming looks, the Geneva Model S Wireless is a home run in the audio quality department. Sure, it’s a stationary speaker system, but its audio is able to permeate a vast space – and without any degradation, even at the loudest volume setting! If you’re looking to make a statement at your next home party, this speaker will drive the point home with its oh-so good looks and superb audio quality. There’s good reason why you’ll need to shell out good money to pick this one up!


  • Superb sounding audio quality
  • Tasteful modern design
  • Solid construction with plenty of premium elements


  • FM radio seems more like a novel addition
  • You’ll need to shell out a lot to buy it

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