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Eten X610 is WM Professional smartphone like its predecessor, but now the operating system is the latest version 6.1. We’ve seen some personalization in the X600 in the form of the limited edition of the SPB Mobile Shell and now, the new Eten features the full version.

The device has the same old Windows Mobile homescreen, but from the settings menu you can set the modified SPB Shell one as default. Unfortunately, when you hit the end call button on the keypad, you are brought back to the well-known WM one. This makes the personalization feels like a patch added to the original interface, instead of one replacing it.

The new interface definitely looks good and features large buttons making it easy to use with fingers. On top of the screen is a small status bar, showing the battery indicator, carrier name, featuring network reception indicator and other connectivity icons (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and EDGE). Below it, we have a weather icon (shows the meteorological conditions in you region), e-mail with number of letters bellow it, messages, missed calls and last is the volume icon, which acts as a shortcut for accessing the phone’s profiles.

The homescreen’s second element is the Clock displaying date and day of the week. When you click on it, you are greeted with another personalized screen, which shows the current time in three cities and how much you have left until the next alarm goes off. There is also a big calendar that takes up half of the display, but if you have upcoming appointments for the next seven days or alarms, it is reduced in size and displays them below the clock.

On the bottom of the screen are located four shortcuts. The first one is a homescreen button, the second one brings you to a personalized main menu. Here, you’ll find the twelve most frequently used programs at the top and bellow is your software organized in six categories (organizer, internet, multimedia, tools, programs and settings). The cool part about the menu  is that the personalization is also present deeper in the submenus. For example, when you click on organizer and then choose notes, instead of opening the classic WM notes application, it opens a menu with the available options (new note, show notes). The third shortcut shows fifteen of your favorite people and gives you access to the phonebook; the last one is just an exit button, which brings you out of the SPB Shell and back to the plain WM environment.

All of the various animated transitions in the SPB shell menu are good looking and run smoothly without any delays. . You can also switch between the tabs by swiping you finger horizontally on the screen and looks like changing a page on a book, which can be changed from the settings menu in SPB Shell.

In addition to all this, you also have the QuickBar shotcuts menu, similar to the one found on the X600, which is accessed by clicking on the dedicated hardware button. It is a simple menu that provides quick access to nine applications, six of which are user defined.

The only other customization can be seen in the phonebook. It allows for easier usage with fingers and contains a big sized numeric keypad. When you click on its buttons, it automatically searches for matches in the contacts list. There aren’t any other changes like additional software keyboards or better browser.

The camera department was the place where we hoped to see some improvement, but to no avail. It is exactly the same as the one in its predecessor. The interface hasn’t changed at all and still uses big white icons for the various image setting. Even in the best lighting conditions, the outdoor photos have a bit faded colors, lots of image noise and lack detail. Indoor images are also of poor quality, but are still usable if taken in strong lighting conditions. The pictures taken in low lighting are of even worse quality, which may have been better if the X610 had a flash. The device also records videos in QVGA (320x240) and H.263 codec in a mere 10fps, but then again, this isn’t a cameraphone.

On the multimedia front, the X610 is using the standard for the OS Windows Media Player, which is a very capable player. Overall, the phone performs well as a music device, providing good sound quality and bass response when used with headphones, but the volume is a bit low. Unfortunately, it’s a different story with the built-in speaker, which may be loud, but the sound it produces lacks in quality. The X610 can play smoothly H.263 encoded video files (MP4,WMV and 3GP) with QVGA resolution and 25fps and at 30fps we experienced minor lag and some skipping, but it is quite watchable. Videos recorded with H.264 codec cannot be displayed by the phone.

Last but definitely not least, the new Eten has a built-in GPS receiver with SiRFstarIII chipset. With previously downloaded data, we were able to achieve a cold start lock in forty seconds and hot in around four. The device doesn’t come with preinstalled software for navigation, but being a Windows Mobile Professional phone you have a lot of applications to choose from.



1. arash unregistered

hi. what's the name of GPS application that phonearene uses for review of this article. please email me! thns

2. tehtarek

Posts: 1; Member since: May 31, 2009

Functionability = standard wm6 features Performance = 1. Phone - I get many complaints that the other party cannot hear me clearly. It is akin to there being alot of static, although on my side the signal is full bar 2. Speed - It is underpowered with not enough memory. I was getting insufficient memory while doing things like taking pictures, even though i was saving to sdcard. I removed the spb desktop and that solved this aspect since this cleared up alot of memory. 3. Display = poor. the 64k colour and backlight is so poor that in broad day light, i can not at all read the display. I am not talking about not being able to read the small words, since i increased the text size, however the whole screen is black when in bright sunlight. I have to guess at what i am doing. 4. Camera = acceptable for a phone camera. Not great but not too poor either 5. GPS = is fine. I believe it has 20 channels so it picks up a signal pretty quickly. One problem is that if I forget to turn off the gps and I leave the car, battery power drops rapidly and I am without a phone until i can get it recharged.
  • Display 2.8" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Battery 1530 mAh

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