The work speed of the M810 is truly very slow, which makes operating it annoying and unpleasant. Usually, such sluggishness is characteristic of the Eten phones, but here it is really bad. There is an irritating lag when navigating through the menus, and sometimes, in situations, which are absolutely non-problematic for other WM devices, you’ll have to wait 7-8 seconds.

The productivity test we made with SPB Benchmark confirmed that. The proven HTC TyTN II is a step in front, and HP iPAQ 614 simply crushed the Eten. Overall, working with this phone is a pain and is far behind from what the competition offers.

The main function of a phone is to give the user the ability to make calls. Here M810 performs above average. The voices you hear will be monotonous and sharp, and at times extremely unpleasant. On the other side of the line, the sound is louder, but it has the same quality.

According to the official data, the 1530 mAh battery should provide up to 6 hours of talking time and 260 hours in standby mode.


With its design language, Eten M810 is definitely more attractive to most consumers, and the connectivity it offers will be appreciated by the Internet maniacs. Those however, are the only positive characteristics of the phone. If we refer to it as a Windows smartphone with a full QWERTY, it would be among the ones performing average. But for the class that the manufacturer himself has put it in, M810 performs awfully!

The Internet browser is not suitable for work, and the unhandy QWERTY will be cursed by all users, and mostly the chatters. On top of that, “the perfect music and video player” actually proved to be the standard for the OS mediocre Windows Media Player. We cannot leave out the extremely slow operating speed and the poor GPS performance, which add more negative points for M810.

If you are still wondering why we are being so negative towards this phone, we’ll say it short and clear: it doesn’t do its job. We recommend checking out Apple’s iPhone. It may lack a physical QWERTY, but writing with it is easy and quick, the browser is almost perfect and it is on a much higher level when talking about multimedia.

The reason we recommend the iPhone, is that currently, there are no WM based phones with a reliable browser, except HTC Touch Diamond. Other promising models are HTC Touch Pro and Samsung OMNIA, but we’ll have to wait until they are made available on the market.


  • Pleasant appearance
  • Global 3G


  • Very slow operational speed
  • Uncomfortable QWERTY
  • The display is not with VGA resolution
  • The GPS doesn’t perform well
  • The Skype Receiver Switch application is useless

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