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Eten M800 Review

Eten M800 8.5

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Eten M800 Review

M800 is neither the fastest, nor the slowest smartphone on the market. Although it has 500 MHz processor, it is by no means as quick as the iPAQ 614 or even the Touch Cruise. We suggest you clean your RAM memory occasionally, since otherwise the phone gets slower.

In the system performance test, using SPB Benchmark, the M800 is on the bottom of the list, right below the X800. As it can be seen, in the CPU test it performed well, but it didn’t so in the rest of the tests.

We are slightly disappointed by the sound during a conversation, because the outgoing quality and the incoming volume are just average. If it is noisy around you, you may not hear what the other person is saying, however, they sound very realistically and clear, but with a slight background noise. In contrast, your interlocutor will hear you with great strength, but average quality: your voice will sound monotonous, muffled and not very realistic.

The M800’s battery is rated for only 150 hours of standby and 4 hours of talk time. Both indexes are below the average for devices of such class.


Is the M800 revolutionary device – definitely not. Is it worth upgrading from X800 – only if you really want QWERTY (there’s nothing else new). Is it worth getting? It depends, if you are on the market for a (Windows Mobile) smartphone, the M800 is still a nice device. Although it is neither the fastest, nor the prettiest (and yes, we don’t like the capacitive keys!) it is one of the few out there with a high-res (VGA) display. Of course, it has some negative sides, but it is a matter of compromise. Overall, the TyTN II is better, but only if you could live with the nowadays mediocre QVGA display. We leave the decision to you.


  • Display with VGA resolution
  • Worldwide 3G
  • Sirf Star III GPS chipset


  • Capacitive touch keys
  • Low quality of the camera
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8.5 Excellent
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. OrhCh (Posts: 3; Member since: 18 Sep 2006)

Good review, bad phone ....

posted on 26 May 2008, 05:48

2. Simdes (unregistered)

The slowest smartphone I have ever seen...

posted on 04 Sep 2008, 23:05

3. omarkdzr (unregistered)

Not user-friendly in the phone aspect. I missed many calls from friends because their calls cannot be answered easily by pressing a touch sensitive button. The touch sensitive button is not user-friendly. Usually I answer a call by pressing the 'Answer' icon on the bottom left of touch screen, and even that is not a surefire thing to be connected, the line always falls off. Bad phone, bad phone,don't buy,don't buy..

posted on 12 Nov 2008, 08:51

4. Flo (unregistered)

I advice anyone to test the device, Its absolutly fabulous if you get rid of the build-in Eten ROM and use a cooked one without any EXROM programs. Get a WM6.1 and buy SPB Mobile Shell & Pocket Plus. There you go. Works perfectly and fast. By the way: If you dont have the time to get used to this phone - dont get a smartphone at all. Because it will never be a perfect fit for you guys. Its like a Computer with nothing on it except Windows. Its not user-friendly at all. You HAVE to customize it for YOUR purpose. @omarkdzr: Never had any phone-related problems. But I advice you to get S2U2, Its a nicely programmed shareware app that gives you the ability to answer or dismiss a call by sliding on your phone sideways.

posted on 26 Sep 2010, 18:10

5. JannieHogan24 (unregistered)

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Eten M800

Eten M800

OS: Windows Mobile Professional 6.0
view full specs
Display480 x 640 pixels TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Single core, 500 MHz, Samsung SC3 2442 processor
0.06 GB RAM
Size4.48 x 2.27 x 0.72 inches
(114 x 58 x 18.4 mm)
6.27 oz  (178 g)
Battery1530 mAh, 4 hours talk time

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