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Eten M800 Review

Eten M800

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Camera interface - Eten M800 Review
Camera interface - Eten M800 Review

Camera interface

Typically for a smartphone, М800 can’t really be proud of its camera. It has one, just because every phone does nowadays, but does not deliver quality pictures.

Patience is needed, since it takes some time to start the interface. If you want to snap a quick photo, the wait time of 9 to 10 seconds will surely make you nervous and you will most likely fail. On top of that, there is 2 more seconds for focusing and 6 long seconds to store the image, making the camera a slow one.

At first, the interface looks pretty simple. There is a button for switching between camera and camcorder mode and another one to activate the front or the back camera. Beside the Close button, there is a Settings menu as well as information icons indicating the status of the flash, the picture/video size, and memory status.

The Settings menu is designed using big-sized icons. The user is able to pick resolution, white balance, flash mode and decide whether the pictures should be portrait or landscape oriented – these are all standard settings. There is an option to automatically add a date on the picture. There also are a bunch of effects available: Normal, Negative, Gray, Retrospective and Mirror, with the last one being the most unique.

Overall, the interface is quite awkward. At least some of the camera functions could have been associated with regular keys, to speed up the shooting process.

Taking pictures is done by pressing the shortcut on the right. Unfortunately, by doing this, the slider may move, causing additional discomfort.

As in the previous models, even compared to other 2-megapixel cameras, the picture quality is low. Since the photos are blurry when reviewed in their original size, they can only be used if viewed in a smaller size, 800x600 for example (a four times smaller resolution). The colors are realistic, but not saturated enough.

Eten M800 Review
Eten M800 Review
Eten M800 Review
Outdoor samples - Eten M800 Review
Outdoor samples - Eten M800 Review
Outdoor samples - Eten M800 Review

Outdoor samples

Strong light - Indoor samples - Eten M800 Review
Medium light - Indoor samples - Eten M800 Review
Low light - Indoor samples - Eten M800 Review
Low with flash - Indoor samples - Eten M800 Review

Strong light

Medium light

Low light

Low with flash

Indoor samples

A camcorder is also present, with option to record in QVGA (320x240), QCIF (176x144) and Sub-QCIF (128x96) resolutions in 3gp format. Since the frame rate is very low, the quality of the videos is bad too.

Eten M800 sample video at 320x240 pixels resolution
* Note that due to codecs support, you may not be able to play the file.


Eten M800 Review
Eten M800 Review
Windows Media Player - Eten M800 Review
Windows Media Player - Eten M800 Review

Windows Media Player

M800 is equipped with the standard mobile version of Windows Media Player. The supported formats are MP3, WMA and WAV. After refreshing the file library, all supported types are found, and they can be added to playlists. This function is not well implemented and organizing them is quite hard. Songs can be viewed by artist, album and genre. .Files on the phone’s memory and the ones on the card are separated.

The buttons (next/previous, play/pause, etc.) are small and inconvenient during both Music and Video playback. When audio files are played, the video window is still displayed, which is a lapse as it only takes up place on your screen. You can have these problems solved by adding new skins for the Media Player or by installing another player.

FM Radio - Eten M800 Review

FM Radio

We recommend converting videos to MPEG4 using the h.263 codec with a bitrate lower than 512 kbps, because otherwise, the video will be choppy when in full-screen mode and there will be skipped frames.

The phone has a built-in FM tuner as well. This is a nice old-school addition to the media player, which helps for music on the go and can also bring you the news in audio format without the need of complicated new advanced technologies like internet streaming.

The interface is very colorful and looks attractive. The buttons are well sized and easy to press. You can easily save your favorite bands and we are happy to see that there is no dumb limit of 10 stations for example and you can save 50 bands for three locations, or total of 150 bands. We are very happy with it and used it with pleasure.


Excel sheet - Eten M800 Review
PowerPoint presentation - Eten M800 Review
MS Word file - Eten M800 Review

Excel sheet

PowerPoint presentation

MS Word file

It's a pity that the RAM is still 64MB and the internal memory is 256, which is the same as the M600+. Internal capacity can be expanded through the microSD card slot placed on the bottom of the phone.

WM for PPC provides unlimited capabilities for installing software. The only restrictions are the memory available and the hardware of the phone. The first problem is solved without any difficulties by getting a memory card as there are microSD cards with capacity of up to several GBs. Every PPC comes with programs that are modified, “pocket” versions of known PC applications. Such programs are the mobile versions of (Microsoft) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Explorer, Media Player, etc. Many more could be downloaded from third party sources.

There are numerous programs created for this platform, almost as many as for PC. The most popular are the various utilities for personalizing the PPC, multimedia players, file explorers, Instant Messengers, etc.

GPS - Eten M800 Review
GPS - Eten M800 Review



The M800 comes with a built in GPS receiver and the latest generation SIRF III chipset. The SIRF III architecture allows the equivalent of 200,000 correlations, in contrast to the older ones which used sequential search process and allowed a few hundred to a few thousand only. This increases the GPS sensitivity and allows it to work in many indoor environments, through urban canyons, and under dense foliage. SIRF III chipset supports both WAAS in the US or EGNOS systems in Europe for even better accuracy.

Each navigation software offers different interface and functionality, and since E-TEN does not come with anything preloaded, we won’t go into great details about it. The important thing is that the phone's display is adequately large and bright, and offers pleasant map viewing in most conditions, except in bright direct sunlight.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. OrhCh (Posts: 3; Member since: 18 Sep 2006)

Good review, bad phone ....

posted on 26 May 2008, 05:48

2. Simdes (unregistered)

The slowest smartphone I have ever seen...

posted on 04 Sep 2008, 23:05

3. omarkdzr (unregistered)

Not user-friendly in the phone aspect. I missed many calls from friends because their calls cannot be answered easily by pressing a touch sensitive button. The touch sensitive button is not user-friendly. Usually I answer a call by pressing the 'Answer' icon on the bottom left of touch screen, and even that is not a surefire thing to be connected, the line always falls off. Bad phone, bad phone,don't buy,don't buy..

posted on 12 Nov 2008, 08:51

4. Flo (unregistered)

I advice anyone to test the device, Its absolutly fabulous if you get rid of the build-in Eten ROM and use a cooked one without any EXROM programs. Get a WM6.1 and buy SPB Mobile Shell & Pocket Plus. There you go. Works perfectly and fast. By the way: If you dont have the time to get used to this phone - dont get a smartphone at all. Because it will never be a perfect fit for you guys. Its like a Computer with nothing on it except Windows. Its not user-friendly at all. You HAVE to customize it for YOUR purpose. @omarkdzr: Never had any phone-related problems. But I advice you to get S2U2, Its a nicely programmed shareware app that gives you the ability to answer or dismiss a call by sliding on your phone sideways.

posted on 26 Sep 2010, 18:10

5. JannieHogan24 (unregistered)

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Eten M800

Eten M800

OS: Windows Mobile Professional 6.0
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PhoneArena rating:
Display480 x 640 pixels TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Single core, 500 MHz, Samsung SC3 2442 processor
0.06 GB RAM
Size4.48 x 2.27 x 0.72 inches
(114 x 58 x 18.4 mm)
6.27 oz  (178 g)
Battery1530 mAh, 4 hours talk time

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