ETEN G500 review

As far as features go, I am not sure if this review will come anywhere close to fully describing them, but that is not the point after all. I will highlight some of them, but this is Windows Mobile 5.0, which is a large operating system with virtually no limitations to functionalities, generally speaking. The user interface is friendly and if you have a general understanding of the Windows environment you should not have any problems finding your way around the system.

Home Screen
Start Menu


The number of entries stored in the internal memory of the device is only limited by the available free space. Details such as name, picture id, ringer id, job title, etc. are available. You can add up to 11 phone numbers per single entry, 3 emails, IM names, important dates (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and relevant professional (assistant, manager, position, etc.) and personal information (home address, web address, etc.). You can put your contacts in groups. You can add, rename and delete groups.

Voice dialing is available, and if you are not satisfied with the quality you can always re-train your device. Speed dialing list is available. The usage of the phonebook, and the rest of the functionalities for that matter, will be hard for a novice user. Not only do you need experience with using cell phone menus, but you will need to know a thing or two about computers as well.

Personal Information Management (PIM):

The calendar is very well developed. All the standard details (subject, location, time, etc.) are available as well as some extensive ones (notes, categories, attendees, etc.). You can view the calendar in different formats (day/week/month/year/agenda) and manipulating your appointments and meetings is easy once you get adjusted to the way the operating system works. A number of context menus are available and once you get familiar with those the options to manage the events on your calendar increase in a way that you get great flexibility without having to open a large number of sub-menus.
Another feature that belongs to this section is the task list. You can add, remove, mark-up and edit tasks. As expected for a higher class of a device, such as the Eten G500, the task list, as well, is taken a step further than usual by adding details to every task (priority, status, dates, etc.), which is very useful when you need to manage larger projects that are spread-out in time.

There are 3 different alarms available, and each one of them you can set for a number of days in the week, along with a description that you can enter. A cool thing that they have done is that they have put in an analog clock which you can move the arrows of and it is animated just like a real analog clock.

Overall the Personal Information Management with the current device is sophisticated and allows you a great deal of flexibility and control. All the features and functionalities are in place (calendar, to-do list, calculator, etc.) and once adjusted to your personal needs the Eten becomes a mobile office secretary, which will keep track of your ongoing projects, will help you plan any future projects and will do it in a very efficient manner.

As far as voice recording goes, you can record and manage your personal voice tags and assign them to contacts, applications and music. That is available through the Voice Commander by Cyberon Corporation. It comes with default voice tags, but if you desire you can always re-record them with your voice. This is a very useful and powerful feature and gives you total control over the functions that you perform. It is almost like talking to your secretary, only that she is in your hand, which in essence is not very different than a real secretary, isn't it?


When it comes to messaging, the Eten G500 combines the power of mobile communications and the functionalities of a PC. A number of different ways to send messages is available (MMS, e-mail & SMS). The predictive text input combined with the animated keyboard on the touch screen makes the typing of the messages a really easy task. Along with the handwriting recognizing software, the text part of the messages is extremely simple and fun to handle. The handwriting recognition software actually works and one of its options is that you can just write on the screen as if it was a notepad, then the phone will interpret your writing and will insert it where you wanted to be inserted. You can adjust the recognition to your personal style of writing. Anything from cursive to print works. With MMS and e-mail there is a number of settings available (retrieve messages immediately, save sent messages, allow delivery report, etc.) allowing you to have transparency through your messaging process. Overall the entire process is handled very professionally and is very comfortable to control. To top it off you have the Pocket MSN bundle (MSN Messenger & MSN Hotmail) to help you stay mobile.



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  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.13GB
  • Battery 1440 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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