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EDGE.sound Review

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EDGE.sound Review
Going back to our point about big things coming in small packages, the EDGE.sound lives up to the old adage. In fact, it’s so much so when it comes to listening to music, as it’s able to produce such superb tones that are crisp in quality – and complemented by the tangible amount of bass coming out of it. Even on the loudest volume setting, it’s able to maintain a pleasant level that’s never irritating, nor producing any sort of crackling along the way. Striking gold in this particular aspect, we’re rather impressed that this small bundle of joy is so boisterous.

Although it works well for listening to music on the go, there’s just a tiny hiccup when using it for voice phone calls. Indeed, there’s a built-in microphone in the EDGE.sound, which manages to pick up our voice from an average distance of 3 feet away. On our end, the mighty volume output of the speaker is strong enough to make voices audible to hear, but there’s a bit of hollowness attached to them. Well, it isn’t bad per se, but simply the only blemish we see with its call quality. Conversely, our callers didn’t have much of an issue on their end trying to comprehend our voice – albeit, the microphone is rather sensitive in picking up ambient noise. So if you’re planning to use this in noisy environments, it may prove to be a bothersome issue.


Rated for 10 to 14+ of playback with its rechargeable battery, we’re actually able to get a little bit over 8 hours in our experience. Though, it’s worth mentioning we used it primarily to stream music via Bluetooth – rather than using the wired connection with its auxiliary port. Despite the short finish, it’s still something more than adequate in our books, especially taking into account the strong and powerful tones it’s able to muster up.


Taking us by surprise with its robust quality, there’s a lot to like about the EDGE.sound. Matching its bountiful quality is its sleek and modern design, which is by far one of the more attractive ones we’ve seen on the market – and even better that it’s so fresh looking. However, for all the stuff it has going for it, the $149 pricing attached to it is still a bit steep for our tastes. If you’re able to fork over a little bit more, there are bigger offerings worth the investment – with more features in tow as well. Regardless, if money isn’t a concern, this is no doubt a nice complementary center piece that blends well into any home entertainment center.

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  • Crisp audio quality
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Expensive
  • No dedicated music playback controls
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