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Dotti is compatible with Android and iOS devices using the companion Dotti app, which is free to download. This, essentially, is what allows Dotti to complement the way we experience notifications. Not only can we select any of the hundreds of designs that are available through the app, but we can make our own as well by utilizing the grid presented to us. In real time, we can see our creation on the app come alive through Dotti and how its LEDs light up. The app also provides us with some useful access to Dotti’s numerous modes, which we’ll detail later on.


Pairing it with an iPhone 6 Plus via its Bluetooth 4.1 LE connection, Dotti offers a range of approximately 30 to 40 feet in our experience using it indoors. That’s not bad considering that Dotti is meant to be stationary; most likely reserved for home or office use. However, our complaint is related to how Dotti seems to automatically shut off after periods of inactive connectivity. It’s an annoyance because we have to constantly have to turn on Dotti and run the app for it to sync whenever we leave to do some errand and come back.


As we mentioned, the LED lights are undoubtedly bright and potent, ensuring that a notification is never missed when Dotti’s within sight. Dismissing notifications on Dotti is done by either physically swiping right on Dotti’s touch sensitive surface, or by just looking at the notification on our device – that’s it! Indeed, it offers a different approach to how notifications are delivered to us, but we wish there was some sort of way to dim Dotti because the bright lighting is rather irritating at night when we’re trying to sleep.

Beyond being a notification delivery system, Dotti offers several other secondary functions that help to widen its usefulness. For one, it can be used as an ordinary digital clock. Secondly, Dotti’s music mode enables it to act as a visualizer companion that dances to music. Next up, there’s an animation mode that cycles through preloaded or customized content. And finally, it doubles as a dice too when it’s placed into “game” mode.

All told, we appreciate that there’s a high degree of personalization to Dotti – not only from a notifications aspect, but how it also favors that 8-bit pixel design style with its patterns and animations. It’s definitely cool and dishes up an unconventional way notifications are visualized!


In the week we’ve been using Dotti as a notifications tool, it has yet to deplete its battery entirely. That’s good news, seeing that it’s not the kind of thing that’ll require frequent charges. To be fair, though, we have to clarify that we’ve been mainly using it as a notifications tool – so it’s not constantly lit up using the other modes. If you decide on using the other modes that require continuous lighting, it’s rated to provide over 5+ hours of juice. Alternatively, it’s rated for 720+ hours in notifications mode.


Without question, Dotti is one of those curious gadgets most of us might overlook in a store filled with other tech. After spending some time with it, though, it’s a cool alternative to how notifications are handled – more so when most of us haven’t really been exposed to anything else like it before. It’s also sweet that it does more than just handle notifications, which is an added treat of course. And we can’t neglect to mention its retro-like style with its 8-bit pixel patterns and animations!

Then again, we have to remind ourselves about its $79.99 sticker price, which is a pretty steep investment for a gadget that does what it does. Dazzling, that’s the perfect word that sums up Dotti, but its high cost makes it one tough impulse buy. Instead, you’ll need to ask yourself if $80 is really worth it considering that notifications are already handled by the devices you already have.


  • Cool alternative way notifications are delivered
  • Bright LEDs
  • Simple design
  • Highly customizable designs using the app
  • Additional modes besides handling notifications


  • Pricey cost for a notifications delivery gadget
  • Sharp and pointy corners
  • Constantly having the need to pair it

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1. DevilsAdvocate

Posts: 47; Member since: Jun 28, 2014

What is this thingy used for?

2. Awaragardiyan unregistered

what the hell is this?

3. duartix

Posts: 311; Member since: Apr 01, 2014

Wow, just what I was desperately looking for: an 8bit 8x8 external display for my phone. I wonder if anyone has already computed the ppi on this one...probably measured in inches per pixel BTW...

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