While using the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, we didn't experienced any connection issues during our time testing it. Moreover, the same can be said for the Dell Streak which we have connected to AT&T's 3G network.

You won't be disappointed with either device in the battery life department as they managed to exceed our expectations. Even though the Tab easily accommodated our usage by providing a solid two days of mostly web browsing and watching YouTube videos, the Dell Streak's mark of three days on normal usage will easily make it the favorable weekend road companion.


As it seems, the Samsung Galaxy Tab reigns on top of the Android tablet market right now with its solid performance and up-to-date experience. Although the Dell Streak is still trying to find a niche for itself, its outdated Android experience doesn't particularly make it the most suitable tablet solution on the market. Despite boasting a very good camera and phenomenal battery life, it doesn't play to the needs of strictly tablet users out there. Sure the Android Market and eventual upgrade to Android 2.1 might make it a tad bit more polished, but it doesn't exhibit the Tab's already superior offerings from a tablet perspective. As for Samsung's pride and joy, its remarkable ascension to the top of the Android tablet market is quite fitting, but it still requires some fine tuning to truly make it a standout competitor outside of the Android space. (NOTE: Please note that the Dell Streak has been updated to Android 2.2, which fixed many of its issues and added new functionality to the device. See our revision article for an updated opinion of the device!)

Dell Streak vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Video Comparison:



2. Gowtham unregistered

Nice review...... where did you get the wallpaper which was on galaxy tab?? i need it..... please send a link or something:-) thanks

3. poojari786 unregistered

Dear sir, Last week I was purchased a Dell Tab, but now the tab touch screen is not working now what can I do now? I am at Anuppur MP. My contact no 09669987444. I had a bad experience your Dell touch screen device. Regards SureshPoojari

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