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Dell Streak vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Camera and Multimedia:

If photography is your thing, there's no question that you'll want to stick with the Dell Streak with its sharper looking images that are complemented with its reproduction of vibrant colors. With the Tab, its lack of auto-focus produces some blurry closeup images which shows off its inability to capture fine details and contrast differences. However, some may find it still pleasing nonetheless, but nowhere close to what the Dell produces. In a stunning twist, the Tab's flash is by far the better of the two in illuminating low lit shots since the Streak's dual-LED flash even fails in lighting up figures that are only 3 feet away.

Solely due to the fact that the Tab has a higher video recording resolution of 720 x 480, which is DVD-like quality, it manages to capture slightly more detail over the VGA (640 x 480) videos of the Streak. Furthermore, the Tab captures it the smooth rate of 29 frames per second as opposed to the somewhat jerky movements of the Dell Streak's mark of 20 fps. In all honesty, they both do a good job in this category, but don't be overly impressed when smartphones push the threshold with 720p capture. (NOTE: Please note that the Dell Streak has been updated to Android 2.2, which fixed many of its issues and added new functionality to the device. See our revision article for an updated opinion of the device!)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Sample Videо:

Dell Streak Sample Videо:

In this comparison, the better looking presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab's music player interface makes for a tasteful experience. Naturally, both music players will display customary items like the album cover, track information, and controls, but the Tab's coverflow-esque appearance stands out over the static carousel of the Streak. Additionally, the Tab offers a wide variety of equalizer settings to better improve the output of its audio quality – which is plentiful in tone. With the Streak, its speaker produces some crackly tones and strains at the loudest volume setting.

Although both are more than ideal as they managed to load a movie trailer encoded in MPEG-4 1280 x 720 resolution, the Dell Streak's playback has some evidence of choppiness, while the Tab plays at a very smooth rate. Plus, the bigger the screen is, the better, when it comes to watching videos.

Since the two tablets are preloaded with 16GB microSD cards, it should be more than sufficient in handling the needs of most people – plus you can always replace it with a 32GB card.


Seeing that the Android Market is in place with both tablets, it shouldn't take long for most people to download and install third party apps. But out of the box, it's quite noticeable that the Tab packs far more apps than the Streak. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes installed with apps like AllShare, Blockbuster, Kindle, Lets Golf, Samsung's Media Hub, Slacker and ThinkFree Office. Moreover, the Tab even includes an app that converts it into a full fledged Digital Frame that will play a slide show with your photos, display the calendar, and even acts as a world clock – plus, it's integrated with the music player. As for the Dell Streak, the only apps you'll be greeted to are some expected ones – like the Amazon MP3 Store, Quickoffice, and Voice Control powered by Nuance.

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