Dell Streak Review

Camera and Multimedia:

To our amazement, the Dell Streak's 5-megapixel auto-focus camera works nearly flawlessly in sunny outdoor conditions as it captures plenty of sharp details while complementing it with saturated looking colors. However, the same cannot be said about the quality it produces in low lighting conditions as images quickly dematerialize with their muddy looks and slightly off color tones. Even worse, the dual-LED flash is completely useless seeing that it struggles in illuminating figures that are 3 feet away. So even though it doesn't play well in low lighting conditions, we're happy with the respectable quality with its outdoor shots in great lighting. Additionally, the camera interface employs a ton of features and options to keep even the most seasoned photographer content.

With a maximum video recording resolution of 640 x 480, its futile to even attempt to consider it to play head-on with the likes of some smartphones boasting 720p capture. Although it would've been nice to see it sport 720p (NOTE: Dell Streak now has 720p video capture after, after the Android 2.2 update. Please see our revision article for an updated opinion!), its quality is less than appealing seeing that it moves at a rate of 20 frames per second. Nowhere close to offering stunning visuals, some people can still appreciate its performance.

Dell Streak Sample Video:

Being a slight departure from the usual things we're accustomed to seeing, the music player on the Dell Streak offers a tasteful presentation that proves to be more dynamic than others. Not only does it display the album cover, track information, and on-screen controls, but you can execute a swiping motion to revert to single carousel view to browse through your library. As for its audio quality from its speaker, it's surely more than equipped in emitting some stringent tones, but it seemingly crackles when placed at the highest volume setting.

Combining its 5” display and snappy processor, it makes for a conducive video watching experience. Even though it blazes through a video encoded in MPEG-4 800 x 480 resolution without much effort, the Dell Streak begins to show small signs of slowdown when playing a 1280 x 720 video. Regardless of that, it shouldn't sway anyone in regarding it to be more than acceptable.

The media gallery employs some nifty graphical elements with its 3D cube like effects when switching between portrait and landscape. And aside from having the ability to share content through an eclectic mix of services, there is just a wealth of editing options to carefully brighten or improve photos. 

Media buffs should be more than agreeable with the 16GB microSD card preloaded with the smartphone, but for those with a voracious appetite, it can always be replaced with cards up to 32GB in size.

Internet and Connectivity:

Not only will the Dell Streak make for a great airplane trip companion, but it'll be more than usable abroad thanks to its quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz) connectivity. And if you're unable to establish a solid data connection, you can switch to using its 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi as an alternative option. In addition, it has support for Bluetooth 2.1 to allow a variety of wireless devices to connect to it.

Without question, the tablet's lack of support for Flash Player 10.1 (NOTE: Dell Streak now has Flash 10.1 Player support, due to Android 2.2 update. Please see our revision article for an up-to-date look at the qualities of the Dell Streak.)  is an eyesore for something with such a heavy focus on web browsing. Overlooking that, we're still treated to a good web browsing experience that'll cater to just about anyone. Although its pinch gestures to zoom in/out might not look the smoothest out there, it still nonetheless gets the job done. Complex web pages load up in a timely manner, while its fluid kinetic scrolling will undoubtedly make navigating such a breeze with the quick flick of your finger.

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