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Dell Streak Review

Dell Streak 8

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*UPDATE: Please note that Dell has issued an update to Android 2.2 Froyo for the Streak, fixing many of the problems that originally plagued the handset, and adding a brand new interface, called Stage. Please check our revision article for an up-to-date opinion on the qualities of the Dell Streak.

Interface and Functionality:

If there's something that'll quickly turn off people, it has to be the Dell Streak's appetite for dining with Android 1.6 Donut versus newer offerings like a tasty Eclair or Froyo. Not only will it soon become three versions old with the subsequent advent of Gingerbread, but it already falls behind the pack in terms of the full Android experience. Luckily, it sounds that Dell will soon remedy the situation with updates for Eclair – with Froyo being hopeful. And even though it'll require some casual Android users to adjust to its unique customized experience, everything manages to chug along at a satisfactory rate thanks to the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 chipset under the hood. Some may find it rather strange at first that the homescreen offers only a landscape view, but bearing in mind that the Streak is a tablet, it seems understandable that Dell has decided to choose landscape for its primary layout. Like other Android devices, you can personalize it with a variety of widgets, shortcuts, and folders.

The homescreen and the menu of the Dell Streak - Dell Streak Review
The homescreen and the menu of the Dell Streak - Dell Streak Review
The homescreen and the menu of the Dell Streak - Dell Streak Review
The homescreen and the menu of the Dell Streak - Dell Streak Review

The homescreen and the menu of the Dell Streak

Nothing out of the ordinary with the Dell Streak's address book as it syncs with your Gmail contacts and offers a myriad of detailed information that can be associated with each person. Meanwhile, its partner services Facebook and Twitter will enable you to combine contacts from your respective social networking accounts from the onset.

The address book - Dell Streak Review

The address book

You'd imagine that a handset boasting an impeccable amount of real estate would exude a venerable messaging experience, but instead, it feels a bit more challenging. Rather than taking advantage of its sheer size, the buttons of its portrait style keyboard are still too small, but it does offer a dedicate row for numbers. Fairly responsive in nature, the speed of typing is painstakingly reduced because of that sole reason – and it doesn't improve with the landscape option. In fact, the numeric keypad on the right hampers in guiding our thumbs to the correct locations of buttons.

Portrait mode - The on-screen QWERTY keyboard - Dell Streak Review
Landscape mode - The on-screen QWERTY keyboard - Dell Streak Review

Portrait mode

Landscape mode

The on-screen QWERTY keyboard

The Gmail app works like anything else we've seen on an Android device as it envelops the usual mix of features customary to it – like threaded view and the ability search emails. Even though it's common to not find any instant messaging client on an Android smartphone aside from Google Talk, the Dell Streak is graced with the presence of the Android Market which offers a treasure trove of clients to fill your instant messaging needs.

Android Market - Dell Streak Review

Android Market

Aside from the usual mix of Google apps preloaded, there isn't much in regards to third party apps with the Dell Streak. However, it manages to include items like Amazon MP3 Store, Voice Control powered by Nuance, Quickoffice for your productive suite, and TouchDown as an alternative offering to get support for Microsoft Exchanger Server.

Google Maps - Dell Streak Review
Amazon MP3 Store - Dell Streak Review
Dell Streak Review

Google Maps

Amazon MP3 Store


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posted on 18 Nov 2010, 19:28

1. slymi2005 (Posts: 18; Member since: 04 Jun 2010)

Hopefully you guys will update the review once it is upgraded to Froyo 2.2 next month. Also why didn't you include a video in the review?

http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/Direct2Dell/b/direct2dell/archive/2010/11/15/android-2-2-fro yo-and-the-dell-streak-details-on-how-the-upgrade-will-work.aspx

posted on 18 Nov 2010, 19:29

2. slymi2005 (Posts: 18; Member since: 04 Jun 2010)

http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/Direct2Dell/b/direct2dell/archive/2010/11/15/android-2-2-fro yo-and-the-dell-streak-details-on-how-the-upgrade-will-work.aspx

posted on 26 Nov 2010, 16:44

3. Korapati (unregistered)

Dell streak phone looks good if something went wrong but very problematic handset .Especially with dell after sales team. Worst nightmare with them.

Very little to say about Dell Streak as I have used the phone only for 2days after purchase. Phone looks great, has good technical specifications.

Dell streak has lot technical problems like split screen, some times phone switching on problems say if you switch on the phone some times it will switch on properly but most of the times it won't. some times white or dark blank screen appears, nothing to see on screen. I purchased Dell streak on 03/11/2010, once after receiving the product I have used only for 2 days, that's it the above mentioned problems started coming on. I phoned dell technical service and they offered me repair service, and they took the peice back on 09/11/2010 and returned the piece back on 24/11/2010. They haven't checked the piece properly again the same problems persisiting on. So I phoned the technical services again and asked them to replace the handset. The women I have spoken to is a superior in the technical service department, she is very arrogant and reckless. She said that she can't replace the product. But I have mentioned the problems and requested again. But she said no. I told her that I have 1year warranty for whole unit to replace. This is where she gone nuts!!!! and told me "there is no warranty and replacement service in UK, it is only for USA customers". I told her that I have the invoice infront of me stating that I am covered, but she told it is a mistake. Tell me, how would some one can buy a product with out warranty for a price £479. I asked her to refund my money as I want to return the piece back to dell. But she said I was out of the cooling off time i.e., 14days from the date of purchase. I told her that the phone is with dell repair centre through out that cooling off period, then I asked how would I liable for that if the peice is not with the customer?. She told, it is not dell's problem, and mentioned it is my responsibility to send the piece back to dell within 14days. Very pointless arguing with her. Little common sense, she did'nt even think about that the piece is with dell within that period. Finally she offered only 2nd repair service.Lets see what happens this time!!!. This is worst nightmare with that technical customer service. No proper respect, no proper response for the problems and finally no proper care for after sales.

First place, I would not recommend anyone to buy dell streak, if someone really fancy buying it I would definetely not recommend them not to buy from Dell website. Very very poor after sales care and poor customer service. Some of my friends already told me not to buy from dell as they have poor customer service, but I thought it won't happens in all cases. But now I believe that "it is true - dell's is very bad customer service".

posted on 25 Dec 2010, 07:57

4. celldude (unregistered)

bigger is better...............best after android 2.2 update.............

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Dell Streak

Dell Streak

OS: Android 2.3 2.2 1.6
view full specs
Display5.0 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (187 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 1000 MHz, Scorpion processor
0.5 GB RAM
Size6.02 x 3.11 x 0.40 inches
(153 x 79 x 10 mm)
7.76 oz  (220 g)
Battery1530 mAh, 9 hours talk time

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