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Camera comparison: iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 vs 8X vs DROID DNA vs Lumia 920 vs Note II vs Galaxy S III

Exposure and dynamic range:

The Note II managed to produce shots that are closest to our reference camera. They weren't exactly the same, but the balance was pretty similar, with skies getting slightly overexposed in order to deliver a naturally-looking land. The Galaxy S III is not far behind, producing slightly brighter images, but still very appealing ones. Almost equal we'd say was the iPhone 5, which goes for a slightly darker approach, refusing to overexpose certain parts of the image, but darkening the rest. Some might prefer this kind of imaging, though we consider the Samsung approach here closer to the real deal.

None of the handsets took bad shots as far as exposure and dynamic range goes, though the rest were obviously a step behind the above three.

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