As its predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z2 is an excellent cameraphone and a worthy competitor to the best shooters out there. Sony's flagship performed commendably in most of our tests, outrunning all of the challengers but the Galaxy S5. Failures weren't absent, however. The Xperia Z2 can't capture HDR and panorama images well, but other than that, we're very pleased with the images produced by Sony's smartphone.

At the same time, we can't label the camera on the Sony Xperia Z2 as superior to the one on the Galaxy S5. It isn't any worse either. As a whole, both phones are equally capable in the camera department, as it becomes evident from their final scores and from the images that they produced. Most notably, the Z2 and S5 excel in taking detailed photos with accurate colors, both indoors and in broad daylight.

The LG G2 may be nearing the end of its flagship status, but its camera should not be underestimated. With 13MP of resolution and optical image stabilization at its disposal, it produces very likeable photos in a variety of conditions. Hopes are high that whatever smartphone comes after the G2, it should carry a camera no less potent than the one on the Z2 and the S5.

Then we have the iPhone 5s, which once again proves that 8MP of resolution should be enough for the average consumer's needs. Apple's smartphone is extremely easy to use, all the while enabling us to capture beautiful photos and videos. Color accuracy, however, isn't its strength.

Lastly, we are once again being reminded that the HTC One (M8), with its UltraPixel camera, can't match the performance of its rivals when it comes to taking photos. The phone's images are decent, but nothing extraordinary, lagging in detail presence and color accuracy when compared to images from other high-end devices.

The final score for each phone represents its average rating, but note that we're only taking into account the Details, Color representation and Indoor categories in the final score. We're factoring all the others (such as Night and Panorama) out, since those represent situations where users are less likely to take images in. Video recording isn't included either, since we consider it a separate thing from photo-taking. We've done this in order to end up with a final rating that is representative of a camera's performance in those areas, which we think are most important to users.

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