You'd be surprised just how stable the iPhone's 1080p videos are, given the fact that its camera relies on software anti-shake methods, not on optical ones. Footage is smooth and, in general, free of noise. Even at night, the image stabilization does a commendable job, and the noise level is tolerable. Overall, the iPhone 5s excels when it comes to taking videos. There's just one thing – sound in its videos is mediocre at best.

About as good of a video-taker as the iPhone is the Galaxy S5. Its 1080p videos, taken at 30 or 60 frames per second, pack a great amount of detail, but aren't as stable. What's more, the S5's night videos leave something to be desired. Sound quality is above average.

The Sony Xperia Z2 performs well, but kind of expected to see more. Colors are neutral, footage is smooth, but details aren't as sharp and pronounced like they are in S5's videos. Moreover, the software image stabilization does keep the frame very steady, but at the same time, it adds traces of pixelated artifacts around moving objects. Traces of motion blur are seen in the phone's night videos. As for its audio quality, the Z2 captures loud and clear sound in its videos, with a noticeable presence of low-frequency tones.

Next on the chart ranks the HTC One (M8). Its videos are smooth and detailed, with neutral colors, quick auto-focus, and excellent sound quality. Night photos are also pleasant to look at, although there's some motion blur noticeable in very low-light scenes.

As for the LG G2, its daytime videos look great, especially when captured at 60fps. The built-in optical stabilization is why its footage is so steady. In low light, however, the G2 can be very unreliable. Even at 30 frames per second, its videos may suffer from heavy motion blur. Sound quality is average. Audio is loud, but heavily digitized.text

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