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Camera comparison: One X vs Galaxy S II vs Nexus vs N8 vs iPhone 4S

Ease of use and speed:

Camera comparison: One X vs Galaxy S II vs Nexus vs N8 vs iPhone 4S
In terms of ease of use, speed, and overall greatness of the camera UIs, our favorite one is the HTC One X, as it is very comfortable and features some cool additional stuff like filters and various settings. Then comes the iPhone 4S with its ultra-fast and ultra-simple design. We'd place the Nokia N8 third here, because of its dedicated camera shutter, which makes the process of taking photos feel a bit more natural and straightforward.

1.HTC One X
2.Apple iPhone 4S
3.Nokia N8
4.Samsung Galaxy S II
5.Samsung Galaxy Nexus


This was it, shutterbugs. Apparently we don't have an ultimate camera phone here, but even if we had one, it wouldn't have been the new HTC One X. The handset did arrive with a very fast ImageSense camera, which made photo-taking very intuitive and fast, but it's not up to snuff when it comes to the quality of the actual photos and video. You'll be able to achieve much better results with the iPhone 4S and even with the oldie-but-goodie Galaxy S II. The real shock actually came when we saw the Galaxy Nexus beat the One X in many of the categories, which wasn't really expected. If you are taking a lot of photos and video with your cell phone and hoped that the One X's ImageSense camera will raise the bar in this respect, better look elsewhere.


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