We bring good news, ladies and gents. The LG G3 can be an excellent shooter even at night, taking images with good detail and properly-balanced colors. We must note that we experienced focusing issues on two occasions, but overall, the great majority of its night-time photos turned out splendid.

Not far behind are the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5s. The latter manages to strike a good balance between details and digital noise, all the while capturing colors very accurately. Night photos from the S5 are about as detailed despite the higher resolution of the sensor. Color accuracy is also very good. Overall, the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5 perform equally well when shooting night scenes.

The LG G2 and the Sony Xperia Z2 can also capture decent photos at night, but some irregularities become apparent. We noticed that the G2 has a hard time locking the focus in some scenes, and even when the shot is in focus, it might turn out too soft for our liking. The Sony Xperia Z2 tends to mess up the color balance from time to time, adding an unwanted greenish tone to the image. Lastly, the HTC One (M8) takes mediocre night photos. They are okay, of course, but bright objects in them appear as blobs of white light. Noise is also present.

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