Easily manhandling its competition, the iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the best smartphone out of the bunch for shooting high definition videos. Overall, its quality is filled with sharp details, smooth recording, natural colors, and a quick exposure adjustment. Meanwhile, it’s also outperforming its competition in low lighting situations as well – though, there’s a small amount of noise with it. Not too far from the iPhone 5’s pace, the Samsung Galaxy S III produces the second best results, but we do notice that its only weak spot is its ineffectiveness to reduce wind noise. Taking us by surprise, we actually favor the Nokia Lumia 900’s 720p video recording quality over the 1080p videos from the HTC One X. Specifically, HTC’s flagship is simply marred by its poor details, heavy amount of artifacting, and slow-as-molasses capture rate in low lighting situations.

Apple iPhone 5 Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III Sample Video:

HTC One X Sample Video:

Nokia Lumia 900 Sample Video:

Apple iPhone 5 Night time Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III Night time Sample Video:

HTC One X Night time Sample Video:

Nokia Lumia 900 Night time Sample Video:


After the smoke has cleared and the dust settled, we have a unanimous winner amongst the group. Before this comparison, it was arguable as to which of the four devices would have the upper hand when it comes to taking photos, but as we’ve seen, Apple’s latest prodigy in the iPhone 5 has proven to us that it’s unmistakably the most well-rounded when it comes to shooting photos and videos. When it’s able to adapt to various shooting conditions, and still able to deliver shots filled with plenty of attractive elements, there’s no arguing that this is the device you’ll want to nab if you’re all about quality.

Looking at the two Android smartphones in our comparison, it’s safe to say that we’re also humbled by their results – though, they don’t have the same level of precision found on the iPhone 5. Nonetheless, we appreciate them for their extensive shooting modes and manual controls, which gives us the required control to snap the best shots according to the situation. At this point, it’s become obvious that the Nokia Lumia 900 has exceeded its time in the spotlight, seeing that it has been out performed by its highly esteemed rivals.

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