Exposure and Dynamic Range:

Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III excel when it comes to exposure, seeing that there’s a fine balance throughout their shots – where there’s no under or over-exposure being noticed. However, we tend to see a hint of under-exposure with the HTC One X, which tends to make its shots darker in overall appearance, but it isn’t that bad at all. Conversely though, the Nokia Lumia 900 is afflicted with a bit more over-exposure with its results – thus, details are sometimes lost in the process.

Without a doubt, the iPhone 5 handles dynamic range the best out of the bunch because it’s able to maintain a consistent amount of balance throughout the scenery. In fact, it’s most evident in the shot of the flowers near the gazebo, where the white flowers toward the right side are still accentuated with their yellow centers. In contrast, the other three smartphones are still able to handle it decently too, but they lose out when it comes to adjusting for items that are brighter in the shots. Checking out the same set of flowers, we can clearly see that the yellow in their centers are less prominent – overtaken by the white.

Indoor Shots:

Indoors under the presence of minimum or prevalent artificial lighting, the iPhone 5 delivers the absolute best results in all shooting conditions. In low lighting, its shots are undeniably sharper looking with its brighter appearance, stronger details, and very distinct color tones. Although it’s nowhere close to the iPhone 5, the HTC One X is able to come in second place with its decent results – though, it’s noticeably darker than the iPhone 5, but it isn’t softened by the same amount of pervasive noise that’s diminishing the results of the other two handsets. And lastly, it’s rather difficult to accept the qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 900, since there’s a lot of graininess, soft details, and excessive noise with them.

To tell you the truth, the flashes on all four handsets are powerful enough to lighten up the scenery. However, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 900 benefit from the fact that their flashes turn on prior to taking the shot – allowing them to focus properly in pitch darkness. Meanwhile, it can be either a tossup with the iPhone 5 and HTC One X, seeing that it can take a few snapshots before they’re able to get the correct focus level.

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