Cambridge Audio Minx Go Review

Audio Quality:

Hitting the mark on where it matters the most, we’re astounded by how brilliant the audio quality is from the Cambridge Audio Minx Go speaker. Compared to other similar portable Bluetooth speakers we’ve checked out in the past, this blows them all out of the water – and we’re not kidding folks! Profound in every range, its quality is crisp, tonal, and punchy at all volume levels. Pumping it up to its maximum setting, it’s still capable of delivering tones that pop with each spoken vocal and beat. Complementing the experience is the rumble of its bass tones, which at the loudest setting shows off its seriousness, as the back casing ripples back and forth to the beat of the song. For its size and all, we’re utterly mesmerized by how superb it sounds – so much so that its quality rivals even those speakers that are over the $200 figure.

Batter Life:

Needless to say, its rated battery life of 18 hours is a mind-boggling tally of its own, but some people will probably overlook the fine print that mentions it being set to background listening levels. In our real-world usage, however, we’re able to get roughly 17 hours of juice out of its battery, which was done over the course of a few days while using it for several hours during some workout sessions. Yeah, it misses the mark by an hour, but we haven’t used any other portable Bluetooth speakers of the same caliber that delivers close to the same results. Kudos to this!


We really can’t say it enough, but the Cambridge Audio Minx Go speaker rockets to the top of the category thanks to its phenomenal audio quality, long-lasting battery life, and solid construction. Indeed, it would’ve been nice to see some other features to complement its existing set, but when it hits the high marks in pertinent categories that make a Bluetooth speaker a wonderful thing, we’re extremely forgiving. Equally as attractive, the $149 price of the speaker puts to shame other ones that are priced near the $200 mark. Other Bluetooth speakers need to watch out and take notes, because the Minx Go has all the correct ingredients to make it a supreme offering.

Cambridge Audio Minx Go Video Review:


  • Superb audio quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Solid build quality
  • Built-in charger


  • Lacks controls for forward/reverse

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