BlueAnt Z9 Review


Putting the headset on is not difficult, whether you use it with or without the earhook; either way you do it single-handedly. It stays steadily on your ear and does not budge even if you move your head more abruptly; apparently, without the movable earhook the device is likely to be less stable, depending on the shape of your ear. In order to achieve maximum comfort you have to adjust the hook to the length of your ear – you can do this by pushing it through the mechanism it is attached to, until the desired position is achieved.

After wearing the device for 2-3 hours we were so much used to it that we sometimes forgot it was there at all. The earhook, in spite of being hard, does not cause any inconvenience or discomfort and it would be fair to say that this is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable headsets that we have tested. The eartip itself is comparatively big and this could easily prove to be a problem if you have smaller ears (the problem is more likely to arise if the device is used by a woman). You might not be able to stick it in your ear at all or, in case you manage to do it, you’ll feel an unpleasant pressure caused by its rubber lining. It would have been great if the set contained a few types of eartips for greater compatibility like, for example, in the Jawbone set.


Our experience with small headset has lead us to believe that their smallness is at the expense of other conveniences: either the battery would be too small or the range wouldn’t be so good. Therefore, BlueAnt’s Z9 came as a surprise as a device that is both small and one with good talk time and range.

The designers’ innovative thinking has proven to us that it is possible to come up with technologies that make our busy days easier. This device ‘talks’ when the Voice Isolation Technology is activated and we can only hope that the sounds are soon replaced by voice messages. However, the designers should have thought about the headset’s wider compatibility and should have included a few eartips, rather than just a standard one.


  • Small size and weight
  • Voice Isolation Technology (DSP)
  • Clip
  • Possibility for Firmware Update and charging through the USB cable


  • The simultaneous pressing of the volume keys when wearing the device on the left ear is inconvenient

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