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BlueAnt Q2 Review

Posted: , by John V.



Being the high-end offering it is, voice guided instructions quickly aided us in getting the Q2 paired up with a handset – in this case, we connected it with a Samsung Focus. Additionally, it automatically will download your phonebook so that it can announce by name at who is calling you. For its price, the BlueAnt Q2 features a comprehensive set of voice command functionality out of the box – such as text to speech technology, voice recognition command set, SMS readout, Multipoint technology to pair it with two phones simultaneously, and call information for Bing-411. Needless to say that voice control works flawlessly, especially Bing-411, which provides useful local information, but not all devices will have support to other luxuries it offers; like SMS readout.

Naturally, volume control can be easily changed by simply pressing the associated buttons, but at its loudest, audio is more than deafening with its sharp tones. And unlike the Q2, there is no background noise or static present with its output – which makes for an even more satisfying experience.

BlueAnt Q2 Review
BlueAnt Q2 Review

Combining its Voice Cancellation Technology and Wind Armour Technology, our callers didn't have too much of an issue in comprehending our voices – even in windy and noisy situations. Granted that there is a slight tinge sound to voices initially, it disappears and we're greeted with deep sounding voices that are recognizable. On our end of the line, voices through the Q2's earpiece are more than audible with their sharp and strong tones. Luckily, they're crystal clear and free from any distortion to make the overall experience enjoyable.

Hitting it right at the mark, we managed to achieve a talk time of 5 hours with the BlueAnt Q2 – which is what the manufacturer has it rated for. Clearly offering a decent amount of juice than other headsets out there on the market, it lacks any rapid charging time that's becoming all too consistent with some other modern Bluetooth devices.


Continuing the trend of producing stellar Bluetooth headsets, BlueAnt once again comes out packing some serious heat with the Q2 as it resonates highly in all aspects of its functionality and design. Additionally, we love the depth of features it provides and the stylish looks to match its superior performance. Furthermore, its built-in Bing-411 implementation opens up a whole new window for the hands-free experience as it can pull up information for local businesses or even get you driving directions. Sure you'll need to pony up $129.99 for it, but it's going to be money well spent as you'll quickly realize its worth in the long haul.


  • Stylish & lightweight
  • Fantastic calling quality
  • Tons of voice control features


  • Ear buds don't offer a snug fit
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posted on 07 Feb 2011, 18:26 1

1. yeow69 (Posts: 1; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

Q2 is okay but quality of noise reduction is a bit variable and wind noise still mostly gets through. Battery life is also pretty poor compred to others - maybe 3 hours if you're lucky.

posted on 16 May 2012, 18:18

2. d66788 (Posts: 1; Member since: 16 May 2012)

My Blue Ant Q2 had good audio, but the voice commands were screwy, it would ignore calls when I told it to answer. (yes, English is my first language)

The stick on screen kept coming off; Very annoying.

It would just disconnect from the phone about 5 times and day and then connect right back up.

Tossed it in the trash and went back to my Jawbone Hero.

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