In general, both handsets offer acceptable quality with shots takes outdoors. However, the more we look deeper into each shot, we begin to notice that there’s more sharpness seen with the fine details of the Galaxy S III’s results – whereas, background details tend to be more dull with the Z10. At the same time, there’s some vibrancy splashed onto the images captured by the two, but there’s a subtle amount of saturation with the Z10 photos. Indoors under less lighting, it’s a strange result, as the Z10 is better at delivering the brighter shots – then again, their LED flashes are potent to light up the scenery.

Between the two, we’re digging the 1080p video recording quality of the Galaxy S III more because of the consistent amount of visual clarity it’s able to maintain throughout its recording. With the Z10, it’s marred by some distracting artifacting elements that speckle its fine details, but then again, it’s not 100 percent perfect with Sammy’s device, as voices tend to sound distorted.

BlackBerry Z10 Sample Video:

Samsung Galaxy S III Sample Video:


Primarily due to the cooler looking 3D carousel of the Google Play Music app, we prefer the Galaxy S III’s music player over the predictable and complacent appearance of the one on the Z10. Paying attention to audio quality, their volume outputs are nearly identical – albeit, cleaner tones are more evident with the Galaxy S III. And lastly, we like how there are various equalizer settings available with Galaxy S III to better enhance its quality.

Playback performance is smooth and crisp with both smartphones, but seeing that the Galaxy S III has the wow factor with its larger and more vibrant display, it’s the preferable choice for watching high-definition videos. Furthermore, the pop up play feature of the Galaxy S III is pretty neat in the fact that we can multi-task while watching a video.

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