Call Quality:

You can’t go wrong chit-chatting away on either device, as call quality on both ends of the line are clear, audible, and distortion-free. Also, it helps that their noise-cancellations features kick in at a moment’s notice during windy conditions. However, the only blemishes we see are related to their speaker phones – voices sound distorted on the iPhone 5, while there’s some strain evident at the loudest volume setting with the Z10.


After spending a good amount of time with the Z10, it still baffles us with its poor battery life – and that’s not even using it via 4G LTE connectivity. Specifically, we’re able to push the 10 hour mark with normal usage on the Z10, which is unacceptable compared to the 1 day of usage delivered by the iPhone 5.


Pricing, of course, is a matter that’s very important to many people, and in this specific case, the two start of at the golden price of $200 with a 2-year contract. Talking about value and getting the most bang for the buck out of a device, there’s plenty of it behind the iPhone 5 – like its premium construction and better hardware performance in several key areas. In contrast, if we’re to look strictly at the platform experience, there’s no question which one is boasting that dreamy level of form, function, and depth of features. Heck, looking at the maps and voice control experiences might be enough for people to make a valid decision.

Honestly folks, it’s a valiant effort on BlackBerry’s part with its brand spanking new platform, but when there’s a healthy ecosystem surrounding the iPhone, it’s going to be hard to pull people away from those comfortable confines and bring them to a new mobile operating system that hasn’t fully matured yet. On the surface, BlackBerry 10 is visually impressive over iOS, but it simply lacks that breadth of features we desperately want (and expect) in a mobile OS. For now, if you’re itching to experiment and give it a shot, the BlackBerry Z10 is definitely worth a look, but if you’re a power user and prefer an established foundation, stick with the iPhone 5.

BlackBerry Z10 vs Apple iPhone 5

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