BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700 Review


Bringing it to life for the very first time, we're greeted to some simple voice guided instructions through the earpiece which makes the setup process a breeze. Additionally, it's able to distinguish our voice to execute proper instructions by pressing on the dedicated voice command button, like finding out the battery level or playing a song, which enables for a seamless hands-free experience. However, noisy conditions tend to hamper its accuracy – but speaking louder generally fixes it.

Unlike the HS-300, the automatic volume control on this model appears to adjust accordingly as it exhibits a reasonable level that makes voices sound natural without much interference. And even in conditions where background noise is heavily present, it manages to emit sufficient tones to make it very easy to comprehend voices.

Conversely, our callers had some difficulty in making out our voice due to the amount of noise evident in the background. In fact, the noticeable sound of wind can be heard by our callers as we used the headset in the car with the window down. You'd imagine that its noise cancellation technology would kick in at some time, but it unfortunately does little to reduce the amount of interference going to our callers.

Battery life is more than respectable with the HS-700 as we managed to obtain a continuous usage of 4.5 hours – which is what the manufacturer has it rated for. With the included microUSB cable, you can simply charge it through an accessible computer to top off its capacity.


If it's a true hands-free experience you want, then the BlackBerry HS-700 is something you want to keep an eye out for since it's able to accomplish a myriad of functions via voice controls. From placing calls to controlling a music player, you won't be required to place even a single finger on your handset while using the HS-700. Even though its noise cancellation functionality is lacking, it's still able to provide a satisfactory experience that complements any high-profiled handset out there. Although it's priced at $129.99, it should be a sufficient price point with its well-rounded features. What we don't like about it is that it doesn't offer anything particularly worthy in terms of innovative items.


  • Premium construction
  • Wide array of voice control options
  • Simple initial setup


  • Noise cancellation is lacking
  • Somewhat pricey

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