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BlackBerry Storm Review

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Nov 2008, 09:48

What’s this, the new BlackBerry? Woah, it has no keyboard. And…did it just click? You’ve never clicked a screen before, is that supposed to happen? Is it supposed to feel so…tiring? And why is this screen wiggling around, am I supposed to be seeing the circuit board? Why is it so heavy; the iPhone isn’t this heavy? The interface is pretty neat, but why are page transitions taking so long. Did it just flip orientations on me? I didn’t even move it. Wait, now I did move it and the orientation isn’t following...

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posted on 25 Nov 2008, 19:19

51. (unregistered)

A software update has been released for the device and some of these issues have been corrected. Now what some people may not know is that their phone may have had a software downgrade due to a security issue that was present in some of the devices. But if you go to the vzw website you can download the latest software. I think they should review the phone again with the new software on it (if this article was written prior to upgrading it) and see what they think of it then. On launch day and even now, some of the store devices have not been upgraded so if you go in to play with one, ask if it has had the software upgrade.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 13:45

76. (unregistered)

there is no update, its still sitting at .65

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 19:43

53. (unregistered)

In my opinion the storm is great and for the person doing this review should seriously to be changed. you dont call potential users of this phone "posers" cause they want to use a blackberry anythingand are not with a business!!! I am getting this phone and are not with a business that uses the Enterprise system, and plan to use almost everything this phone has to offer! And dont critisize the phone because it does not do everything some of the other touch screens do, or cause it not an Iphone. People say go for the bold cause it has "free Wi-Fi", who needs wi-fi when you have a large 3G network and a constant internet connection. Its there first one (touchsreen) and so far it doing good, and whatever changes they need to make to it they will!!!

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 20:34

54. davidneary01 (Posts: 16; Member since: 25 Nov 2008)

everybody who went out and bought the blackberry storm please read a quote that i found while searching reviews, the author of the quote was someone named Nelson from Springfiled... "HA HA!"

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 22:00

56. Louie (unregistered)

I am a Blackberry and VZW loyalist. I have owned them since they were bricks 5 years ago. I live by mine for my job and rushed to get this on Friday..... It is the most god aweful piece of crap I have ever purchased. I went back to my curve today. VZW and RIM should be embarrassed to put this phone to market. Its slow, battery is terrible, heavy, you cant type fast on it or while driving, changes orientation and wont go back, delayed response after pressing a key....I hate this phone RIM should stick to what they do best and make phones that are great for messaging.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 02:34

65. (unregistered)

your the first vzw guy to admit that. at least your honest and not trying to defend what was truly unexeptable. i didnt buy it iether.

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 22:06

57. (unregistered)

i used one at the mall. it didn't respond that well and lagged a lot. i went to circuit city and played with that and that worked fined.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 00:28

61. (unregistered)

^^^ *The bold would get the exact same review if it were the iphone rival*

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 02:32

64. (unregistered)

no, you have to use it to know it sucks. the bold is basicly a storm with a keyboard and the quirks worked out. thats why it didnt suck and more people approved it than the storm. if the storm stuck with a solid glass design more people would be happy

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 16:32

86. (unregistered)


posted on 26 Nov 2008, 09:31

67. (unregistered)

WOW I used to love this site. I have played with an iphone, I have played with a storm and I think they all have their goods and bads. I didn't like this article because it started very negative and of course it set the tone for the rest of such. I think if you are going to review a phone you need to have spent good time with it, not just 10 minutes. I also believe you need to start comparing pros and cons within the same device and stop critisizing it for not being the iphone killer, that sounds to me like you are happy it failed to delivered. I think you are an iphone fanboy, I don't trust your reviews anymore since in every review you mention your beloved iphone. Again I used to like this site, but not if there is trash talking and finger pointing.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 13:46

78. (unregistered)

dude, rim itself has said they were going after the iphone. also, the review frequenly made references to where the storm came up short of past rim devices like the curve

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 10:59

70. (unregistered)

I'm a self-identified Verizon fanboy. I've used them since they were Airtouch, and have never considered switching carriers until about a year ago. Verizon wasn't getting any good Blackberries that other carriers didn't already have. I then heard about the Storm, and decided to wait it out. I got my Storm on Friday, and have been using it since. It was a huge disappointment to me, it has many flaws. I'm returning mine, and I want to try out the Bold. I can't ever imagine switching to another carrier, but Verizon is NOT delivering, and I just might have to get an additional line to get a Bold.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 11:21

71. IhaveAstorm (unregistered)

This is the most ridiculous review I have ever read. I decided to take the risk and buy this phone, it works fantastic i've used many other phones and i'm not some sort of BB fan boy. Most of the problems that your brought out in this are things that rarely happen to me. You type twice as slow?? Come one, learn how to type.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 12:12

72. (unregistered)

wow, can NO ONE be on the fence here, its either "YOUR A VZW FANBOI" or "YOUR A IPHONE FANBOI" now, take this from a verizon sales rep, first and foremost, im sick and tired of everyone comparing EVERY FREAKING PHONE to the iphone, the storm is not, i repeat, NOT, an iphone, nor is it an iphone killer, the iphone is what it is, and the storm is what it is, and the both do what they do very well, BOTH phones do have issues, some of the things i saw here i agreed with, some i do not, (though overall i do feel this review was biased towards the iphone, just personal opinion, i mean comparing a device that has been out for less than a week to a device that has been out for over a year, is that really fair?), i do agree that being able to see the board behind the screen is a little disconcerting, but the way its described here is that you can read whats written on the board and can almost stick your finger in the ....., sorry, but thats a little exagerated, theres enough of a crack that if your looking at it directly you can see the board, but only barely (unless you had a bad model, and all the ones i sold looked the same to me), and my biggest gripe is with how the keyboard/screen is described, now i do find it annoying when typing IN KEYBOARD mode when switching from thumb to thumb you dont always get full rebound on the screen causing you to miss a letter, that being said, to say that you "are completely exhausted" after typing an email, is akin to saying, BY THE TIME YOU HAVE TYPED SOMEONES NAME YOU WILL NEED A GATORADE AND NEED TO TAG IN SOMEONE ELSE TO FINISH YOUR MESSAGE, ok, really? give me a break, yes it does take effort to type, but sorry, if your so far out of shape that typing a email message on your blackberry wears you out, you have other problems all things being equal, yes, i am getting a storm, personally i like it a lot, it does exactly what i want it to do, and it does it very well, FOR ME, i had a curve, that was stolen last week, i love what the blackberries offer in terms of email, internet, and messaging aspects (cue the 'YOUR JUST A VZW FANBOI", just remember, i AM a verizon salesman)

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 15:06

125. (unregistered)

i agree with everything you said, except the comparing 1 week to 1 year. BB been around alot longer than the iphone,their only ONE TRUE TASK,was to make a touchscreen that works great and looks it to. If anything its backward. Apple doesnt even have 2 years on the market,and its on the top of everyones hitlist, competitor,salesman, and consumer alike. Why, cause the newbe did right. Companys in the market for years and years never perfected it, but now they want to.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 16:45

87. (unregistered)

Generally I find PhoneArena's reviews to be pretty insightful and generally helpful - however this time you have seriously missed the mark. I was fortunate to play with a BB Storm on release at a Vodafone store in the UK and suffered very similar hanging and delay problems to those described here. HOWEVER, a well trained Vodafone advisor (and a BB Storm owner) quickly identified that the delay was suffered as a result of too many applications running simaltaneously. Closing a larger number using the (well buried) application manager solved the problems I had been suffering and drastically improved the performance of the BB Storm to the point that I where I seriously impressed (me, an iPhone owner too!). It seems that a good number of the problems can be resolved by ensuring that you exit an application through the applications menu on exiting (where it isn't permenantly on), rather than assuming the BB Storm closes the application as the iPhone does on returing to the home screen. Considering texting issues, I can only partially agree with the comments. Personally I found the screen to be simple and intuitive, with thumb texting simple and painless. I by no means have exceptionally strong thumbs, but having typed out a simple secton of text from a Vodafone leaflet, including words infrequently used, I wasn't concerned that this would be difficult long term. Personally I think this is an excelllent step along the road of Touchsreen development and was impressed with the build quality (not having even as much as noticed any problems here). Menu wise I found all of them to work well, and for the scrolling (per the advert) to work fine. In application menus seemed to work well and I was pleased with the updating of the GUI software for the BB Storm. So, in summary, I think PhoneArena needs to reconisder their review and perhaps become more familiar with the device before it passes such damning judgement. Whilst it is no doubt a review true to your experience, you must surely be surprised that your opionion of this device condradicts pretty much every well known and regarded reviewers conclusion that has preceeded it. Perhaps a suggestion that somethings amiss?! Ps. I don't work for BB or Vodafone (or have any connections to either) - before you ask. :)

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 09:13

137. (unregistered)

Seriously? I've read three reviews and none of them were glowing. ALL of them had a problem with the touchscreen. I think this reviewer took it a bit further than the others, but it certainly wasn't contradictory.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 17:29

88. (unregistered)

well im now convinced this site is staffed by people with nothing better to do than bash anything that ISN'T the IPHONE. you guys cant operate the touchscreen cuz you have made no attempt to LEARN it. it works diffrently from other touch devices. had you taken more than 5 seconds to try to type and actually just TOUCHED the screen BEFORE you clicked, you'd notice its very difficult to make a mistake. Touch to select THEN click. it is a two-step process and can be a bit tiresome but as far as touchscreens go i havent yet found one i could be more accurate with. as a touchscreen device that is the natural tendancy.... but after working with them for nearly a week now... i rarely make a mistake. How many phones do you guys play with? seriously? i can type a whole email adress or other things while only occasionally having to backup. and before you say it, Ya the OS is sometimes slow. i've seen far worse. Do your jobs before bashing a phone. 1/5 phones for iphonearena.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 20:17

89. (unregistered)

if you had taken more than 5 seconds to actually READ THE REVIEW youd see the note where they actually delayed publishing it to spend more time with the device and see if the rumored update came. from their comprehensive review its obvious that they spent a lot of time with the phone, probably more than you since id assume they had it before launch. get over yourself, there is a reason that all the reviews out there are bad! and touch then select, you say? use some logic, realize that its twice the work which makes it inherently slower

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 12:25

93. (unregistered)

Actaully people tend to actually text faster on the Storm then tradition touch screens. This review was a hack job simple as that. An actuall good review was Phonescoop and Cnets.... This review was "Hey lets bash this phone and try to disguise our blatant fanboi by implication.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 15:10

126. (unregistered)

actually text faster on the storm, now we know for sure your full of it. what people, were you walking around taking reviews for it yourself.

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 09:44

138. (unregistered)

From CNET: "We couldn't comfortably type long messages as fast as we wanted and when we tried, the message was riddled with errors. The keyboard buttons are just a bit too small and cramped. If I had problems with my small hands, I can only imagine it would be worse for people with larger thumbs." "The bottom line: The RIM BlackBerry Storm may blow in a frenzy for Verizon Wireless subscribers wanting a touch screen similar to the Apple iPhone. However, die-hard texters, e-mailers, and corporate users may be better served with the BlackBerry Bold or other QWERTY device." Doesn't everyone who uses a Blackberry fit into one of the above categories? If this is one of the good reviews, The Storm has big problems.

posted on 26 Nov 2008, 23:29

90. (unregistered)

Personally, I don't need fancy email and couldn't care less about viewing attachments on a mobile device. I don't need a world phone and most people who own them don't either. Quit bullshitting yourselves. Traveling to London once on a school trip does not make you a world traveler. The only reason I would consider the Storm is for the media capabilities. Full screen movies look AMAZING if you rip and convert them right. Sound quality is OK through the speaker. The navigator service is cool and the music sync service is cool. Other than that, the phone itself pretty much sucks. Even with the software lag, which I know can be corrected, the screen itself is asking for trouble. The touch areas respond as fast as I can move my thumbs, but the stupid clicking screen is too slow. THAT can't be corrected by software. It also looks like the thing might just fall right out. I went with the Dare, saved some $$, picked up an 8GB online for half of what Verizon was charging, and I'm set to go. Movies aren't quite the same size, but if you find the right software, they are nice. The web browser works well and the touch screen actually responds when I touch it. I say either wait for the updates to come out or save the trouble and get the Dare. I like VZW but they screwed this one up big time.

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 03:20

91. (unregistered)

OS problem thats all. we'll get used to clicking screen keyboard like every keyboard/keypad on the market

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 06:04

92. (unregistered)

all i can say is those problems must be caused by the verizon firmware, my friend got a vodafone storm and it was the fuckin shit, me and 2 more friends are coppin one of those next month

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 12:30

94. (unregistered)

Delete the Vz nav from your Storm. It appears Vz Nav is slowing the device down greatly.

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 13:28

95. Wow! (unregistered)

It's just a phone, that is what it is. Why is everybody so freaking upset about all of this. Wow! I swear sometimes I just think this site is visited by teenagers. Get a life, and as posted in comments by a lot of people try the device first before you actually say something.

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 22:17

96. STORM SUCKS. (unregistered)

Plain and simple as my name sates regardless of what carrier its on.... Nothing more to say..

posted on 27 Nov 2008, 22:57

97. (unregistered)

I still chose the DARE over this. This may be a cool phone, but one should always get a phone based on the best features that suits him or her. Everybody always wants whats new and "great", but a phone comp. like RIM shouldn't have released a phone with so many issues. Still, the iPhone is probablt the best bang for the buck. I just need VZ service.

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