BlackBerry Q10 Review

Call quality:

Thankfully, the BlackBerry Q10 is an above-average performer in the call quality field, with its earpiece being quite strong and reasonably clear. The microphone is similarly good, so your callers should hear you well, as long as they use a decent handset.

The loudspeaker of the Q10 is also pretty good. It has a strong output and manages to produce tones with decent depth, so it doesn't sound strained.


The BlackBerry Q10 is every inch a BlackBerry. It has the traditional BB form-factor and, more importantly – the physical QWERTY keyboard that's coveted by so many BlackBerry fans. This, however, is a device that's exclusively targeted at existing BlackBerry users, we don't think the Q10 is capable of attracting new ones.

As a niche smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 is a pretty decent performer. It can do anything a diehard BlackBerry user would want it to do and more. The QWERTY keyboard is very good, while the BlackBerry Hub with excellent email and BBM integration will surely delight those heavy texters.

As a regular smartphone, though, the Q10 falls short in almost every area when compared to a decent Android smartphone, an iPhone, or even a Windows Phone, mostly due to the small screen with 1:1 aspect ratio, which makes activities like web browsing and multimedia consumption way more unpleasant and difficult.

BlackBerry Q10 Video Review:


  • Good physical QWERTY keyboard
  • BBM is a great messaging service


  • Small screen
  • Mediocre camera
  • BlackBerry OS 10 has a steep learning curve

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