Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet Review


In our usage, which mainly consists of heavy web browsing, emailing, and some light reading, we’re left with 44% battery capacity after one day. More than sufficient, it’s nice that battery life isn’t compromised with its modernized hardware.


In this highly volatile market, the Nook Tablet will still be something on the minds of many thanks to its superb price point of only $249.  Just like the Amazon Kindle Fire, it is a neat small tablet, and its price point compensates for the rather limited functionality straight out of the box. It is good for internet, email, reading and multimedia. The greatest drawback is the limited app selection, as it relies on its own ecosystem and not on the Android Market. Compared to the Kindle Fire, this one is also lacking in its music, and video service ecosystem. Regardless, it’s something you’ll want to consider if you want to get away with a decent tablet without forking over a whole lot of moolah from your pockets.

Software Version: 1.4

Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet Video Review:


  • Affordable cost
  • Solid construction
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Limited app, video, & music ecosystem
  • Proprietary charging connection

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