BLU Pure XL Review

Call Quality

It’s reasonable enough to use, but there’s this subdued quality with the speakerphone.

Phone calls are handled decently by it, evident by how it’s able to mute background noise fairly well, the strong output of its earpiece, and the clear voices we hear. On the flip side, there’s just a subdued quality on the other end of the line, as well as with the quality of the speakerphone. It’s not terrible or anything, but it just doesn’t have the same level of fidelity we get through the earpiece. Like we said, it suffice enough for the task at hand.


For a 3500 mAh battery cell, we expected a lot more juice out of it.

There’s a reason for its thicker-than-average chassis, that’s partly due to the 3500 mAh battery they’re able to stuff inside. No doubt, that’s a hefty capacity considering its screen size, but its performance is rather average to tell you the truth. By that, we’re greeted to an all-day battery life performance – one that requires nightly charging. The average performance is further confirmed by its 6 hours and 13 minutes tally in our custom battery benchmark tests, which puts it in the same scope as the LG G4 and OnePlus 2 – so yeah, it’s nothing worth writing home about.

BLU claims it features rapid charging as well, but its 150 minute charge time says otherwise when using it with a fast charging wall charger. To be fair, though, we’re dealing with a 3500 mAh battery, which is pretty substantial. However, it’s rather concerning knowing that Lenovo PHAB Plus packs the same capacity, but only takes 109 minutes to achieve full charge.

Battery life (hours) Higher is better
BLU Pure XL 6h 13 min (Poor)
ZTE Axon Pro 6h 15 min (Poor)
Samsung Galaxy Note5 9h 11 min (Good)
Charging time (minutes) Lower is better
BLU Pure XL 150
ZTE Axon Pro 85
Samsung Galaxy Note5 81


What do we get with the BLU Pure XL? Indeed, it’s a monster of a phone because it features a 6.0-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen, a formidable octa-core MediaTek Helios X10 chip, 24-megapixel camera, dual-SIM slots, 64GB of internal storage, and even a fingerprint sensor. Most phones with these specs would accumulate a price point generally in the $600+ range, but the BLU Pure XL undercuts the competition by flaunting a full price of $349.99.

By comparison, phones of the same caliber, the ZTE Axon Pro and Motorola Moto X Style/Pure Edition, sport prices of $450 and $400 respectively, but they don’t offer the vast storage and fingerprint sensor we get with the BLU Pure XL. So, it’s undeniably attractive from a cost point of view.

This is by far the most ambitious smartphone BLU has come up with to date – it exudes many of the specs and features of a premium smartphone, but at a significantly lower cost. Indeed, there are still some opportunities with it, but we can’t deny that its lower cost helps in giving it that meaningful value. Naturally, it’s an inviting option if you’re really concerned about the cost. Quite honestly, BLU has a superior offering over some of the other cost-conscious phones out there, so that in itself deserves recognition.

If you’ve been waiting for that high-level smartphone without having to fork over the premium cost, this is it finally!

Software version of the review unit:
Android Version: 5.1
Build Number: BLU_P0010UU_V03_GENERIC
Kernel Version: 3.10.72+


  • $350 outright cost undercuts the competition
  • Easy operation with fingerprint sensor
  • Generous 64GB of storage & microSD card slot
  • Audio experience is one of the best


  • Underwhelming battery performance
  • Poor display color accuracy; oversaturated tones
  • Weak brightness output with the display
  • Lots of bloated software features
  • Massive size makes it tough to hold

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