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Asus VivoTab RT Review

Asus VivoTab RT LTE 8.5

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Asus VivoTab RT Review
Like we said folks, it’s imperative for you to pick up the keyboard dock with this one! So much so that we’re able to get by close to three whole days of heavy usage with the combined batteries of the tablet and its keyboard dock. Therefore, it’s more than equipped to soundly keep you mobile on the go for an extensive amount of time.


Before we get into the nitty gritty, we’d like to point out that Asus is offering a special promotion on the VivoTab RT, which enables any buyer of the tablet to get the keyboard dock for free. Yes folks, you heard that right! If you pick up the tablet before the end of the year (December 31st, 2012), you’ll be able to nab it au gratis! All in all, it’s really giving the Surface RT a good run for its money.

Heck, the more we think about it, at the same price that Microsoft is selling its Surface RT tablet with its touch cover, we actually find more value in Asus’ offering. Not only are you getting a versatile netbook replacement, but the extra battery power is significant in making it a true portable powerhouse. At the same time, the sleek figure of the VivoTab RT works well in keeping it manageable to carry around. And lastly, it’s packing a much better camera than the Surface RT as well

When it comes down to it, the VivoTab RT merely goes to show that Asus can always stand tall in the face of competition – even if it’s from the direct source. If you’re considering picking up a Windows RT tablet, this is surely going to be one you’ll want to check out. Frankly, there’s a fair amount of value seen in this $599.99 tablet, which again, is bundled with the keyboard dock.

Asus VivoTab RT Video Review:


  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Better camera performance than the Surface RT
  • Convertible design
  • Phenomenal battery life with the keyboard dock


  • Keyboard layout is a bit cramped
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8.5 Excellent
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posted on 14 Dec 2012, 08:24 5

1. Mghazisohail (Posts: 23; Member since: 29 Nov 2012)

it looks better than the surface rt!!!!

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 08:25 1

2. Mghazisohail (Posts: 23; Member since: 29 Nov 2012)

it looks some what like samsung galaxy tab 10.1

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 08:51 1

3. Muhannad (Posts: 455; Member since: 20 Sep 2011)

Looks like Asus crafted a really good tablet here, I might seriously consider getting one. Its got a great design, good software, good camera for a tablet and excellent battery life.

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 09:21 1

4. 7thspaceman (Posts: 1580; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

Asus may have a winner here and Microsoft is going to support this OS for at least 4 years
so developers should be making plenty of apps for Windows RT tablets because they know it's going to be around for awhile.

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 09:43 1

5. OHaZZaR (Posts: 131; Member since: 19 Aug 2011)

Better than surface!

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 10:51 3

6. Commentator (Posts: 3722; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

I was just playing around with one of these at Best Buy yesterday, and I have to agree it's much better than the Surface. The build-quality is superb (dare I say iPad-like?) and the keyboard dock is MUCH more useful than the Touch/Type Covers + kickstand. I don't see myself ever getting an RT tablet, but if I were to, it would be this.

posted on 14 Dec 2012, 15:54

7. Bilpocalypse (Posts: 301; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

I am torn between this and the Surface RT for my first tablet. However, since I have a couple months before I can get mine, maybe someone else will come out with something even better. Perhaps, even Nokia will get into the market... who knows?

posted on 15 Dec 2012, 11:38

8. Joshing4fun (Posts: 1237; Member since: 13 Aug 2010)

It looks top notch but the price is its own worst enemy. Better off with the nexus 10 unless you really need that keyboard and Microsoft office.

posted on 31 Dec 2012, 00:38

9. DevonJames (Posts: 10; Member since: 30 Dec 2012)

As a graphic designer who works a lot with photography here in Austin, I like that this phone has a "higher-than-normal 8-megapixel auto-focus camera." It's odd to hold a tablet up to shoot but I'm not against being odd. This phone, plus AT&T's 4G LTE network, would be a great place to start in my phone upgrade search.

posted on 15 Jan 2013, 23:03

10. rstravis (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Jan 2013)

I picked up my VivoTab RT in December, to try it against my Asus Infinity. The Infinity definitely has its strong points, but for overall use, I like the VivoTab much better -- it's more responsive and does what I need. After a short learning curve, Windows RT (and Windows 8) provides a really well-thought-out experience, and having owned 3 Asus laptops and 3 Asus tablets, I'm a HUGE fan of their products.

posted on 15 Jun 2014, 13:28

11. infertility (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Jun 2014)

The Disaster of Asus Egypt and Asus Vivo Tab RT TF6000
For shortening, I will tell you my story with Asus Egypt which proved to me that Asus is one of the worst companies around the world, especially when it comes to warranty services.
I did buy an Asus Vivo Tab RT TF6000 from Asus at Jun 2013. The tablet was fine for 21 days of use and suddenly it stopped working, no data on the screen and other info appears to me. Just a small vibration when I press the power button but nothing else.
I called the company and they directed me to Raya Services. I called them and they denied being able to fix it because of being from outside Egypt, even it is 100% Asus and they should serve it.
After month, Asus Egypt said that they will have another contract with another warrant computer called Metra Computer and they should fix it. The person who was responsible for this case in Asus called Eng. Mohamed Hassan, he told me that he will make sure that the tablet being fixed under Asus warranty with Metra Computer, and he stated that he contacted Eng. Tarek (Big Manager) in Metra Computers and they did agree to handle the case.
I delivered the tablet for Metra Computer and after 3 weeks of calling, they said that , it will need 380 USD and it will be all over me and I should pay to get it fixed ( the original tab price from amazon was 335 USD at that time) . I did not agree and called Eng. Mohammed Hassan and Eng. Tarek and they assured that it will be fixed but the tab Serial number and shipping papers are not well approved by them and so, the tab is out of warranty for two or three months now. I said that to Eng. Mohamed Hassan. The tab stopped working about 7 month ago and you know that and so you should accept the tab under warranty, the delay was from your side not mine. He said that he will do calls and make sure that the tab being fixed under warranty but finally I discovered that was making calls with Eng. Tarek to make sure that the tab is not fixed under warranty.
The Second Disaster
I found that one seal for a screw that should be opened if they really examined the device as they say, the seal was intact. That means they did not even examine the device as they say at all.
I made an appeal to Asus main website and no reply, I contacted the official Facebook page, they do not reply. I found many other people doing the same and complaining like me and the page keeps deleting their posts regularly.
Asus is a big scam and I will never buy anything from them, they are the worst for me right now.
The tab is a memory right now and nothing will help me to overcome what happened. I will try to fix it in any unofficial maintenance services centers and hope to get it fixed.
Asus is a scam for sure, don't try them and make my story in your mind.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all the best.

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