In our reviews of both tablets, we’ve raved about their above average battery performance, however, we have to give the slight advantage to the iPad 2 with this one. Easily getting us a solid one day of normal usage, there’s still plenty of ample juice left with them – and on most occasions, getting us close to two whole days.


Arguably the best two tablets on the market right now, it’s ultimately pricing that showcases the kind of value that can be found with these memorable beauties. For their starting prices of $500, their designs are remarkably justified as they radiate from head to toe with all of the lovable qualities of a premium tablet – and honestly, they set the benchmark for all other tablets. Still, the $500 you’re dishing out for the Transformer Prime buys you something that’s newer, stronger, and the better performer as it outclasses the iPad 2 in plenty of categories. Indeed, Asus has the advantage of being a newer tablet, rather than being a year old model like the iPad 2, but when you take everything that it offers into consideration, it’s astoundingly evident that it’s the superior one.

Asus Transformer Prime vs Apple iPad 2 Video Comparison:

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